Shaking Steady Grounds

Born far off in a family of cats in a thick forest nestled in a valley, this short story takes on the view of two cats, Midnight and Trickster, who were both destined for greatness. Though in the wooded glen where they find themselves, they soon find out that they were also destined for divided ways. (Comments, likes, and faves would be greatly appreciated~ Mitchell)


5. Epilouge: A New Beginning

Two months passed since the day Trickster went off to find Midnight. The two greatest cats the family had ever come to meet were gone in an instant. And now, Silver-light was left alone to the top of the hill with no company. She missed Trickster, even after all he had done to her. She felt the breeze flow through her hair and instantly thought of the times she spent with Trickster. It seemed so long ago, and now they could only declare them both dead. The family on the other hand, managed to get through the winter's rough displeasures. Though with their recent loss, it was not time to rejoice.

The snow had finally melted away and it was yet again the day of spring, the twentieth of March. The cats mourned in remorse for the fallen cats. Among the cats, Silver-light was found to be the most depressed. Though out of the sunlit horizon, a cat rugged cat approached. "They have returned!" Shouted the head-elder in joy.

The cat came closer, but it was just Midnight! "Where is your brother? Where is Trickster?" the high-elder was quick to inquire.

Midnight, whose fur was scraped and rugged, took a deep breath and swallowed, "I killed him, for he had no claws."

Silver-light burst out into uncontrollable weeping and ran away to the meadow where she had spent so much time with Trickster. She ran with tears falling from her eyes, and reached the meadow. "What's wrong, love?" A familiar voice resounded behind her.

Silver-light turned around and yelled, "Trickster! I missed you so much!" She ran to him as fast as she could, but no it was just her imagination; it was just a rotting stump... Silver-light's eyes went on to weep, and she screamed out in agony for her lost friend.



Not only on that one day did Trickster die, but also Midnight came to meet death throughout his entire life from then on.


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