New York Love

Lauren is a New York student that happens to meet someone who changes her life forever.


2. Two

I woke up to the sound of my phone beeping a million times a minute.

Ugh.. Mary I thought to myself. I couldn’t stay mad at her too long so I decided to check and see what her excuse was this time.

“Sorry. I was drunk”

“Please answer my calls”

“Jake dumped me”

“Okay that last one was a lie.”

I pressed the call button knowing I would regret it.

“Hey lets meet for coffee at nine at Starbucks. Bye” I said and quickly hung up


I saw Mary walking in the door fifteen minutes late. She was always “fashionably late” as she says.

“Hey.” She said


“Look, I’m sorry. I can get a little demanding at times. I promise I won’t drag you to another club again.” She apologized

“It’s okay. I wasn’t really mad at you. I was mad at some idiot who spilled a drink on me.” I responded

“Was he British with a buzzcut?” She asked


“Oh. I asked him where you went and he told me you were going home. I must admit he was a hot idiot.” She replied

“I guess. He gave me his number so that he can buy me a new dress.”

“So did you call him?” Mary asked

“No, I threw it away.” I told her

“What?” She asked in shock

“I don’t want to take a chance. He could be some pothead or something.” I responded

“Lauren, you said you came here to find love. You aren’t going to find love if you don’t take chances.” She advised

“Fine. I will call him.” I said

“I have to go. I have an interview.” Mary said

“Okay bye”

I went back to my apartment and dug through my garbage. I found Liam’s number and saved it into my phone. I paced the room, getting more and more nervous. I didn’t want to call him, but I knew I should. I hit the call button. My heart was pounding faster after each ring.

“Hello?” Said a slow British voice

“Hi, is Liam there?” I asked

“No, I’m sorry love he’s in the shower. Can I ask whose calling?

“Oh. I met him at the club last night. Can you just tell him to call me back? Thanks. Bye” I responded quickly and hung up.

You are such an idiot. I said to myself.

I sat inside all day watching my phone. Finally after five hours, I decided to go shopping. I convinced myself that maybe a new pair of shoes would fill the whole in my empty heart. It usually fills it temporarily.

I was about to buy a pair of nude pumps when my phone started vibrating. I answered my phone as I reached for my credit card.

“Hello?” I said

“Hey. I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time” He responded

“Oh no. I’m just shopping.” I replied, swiping my card

“You’re all set.” The woman said

I turned to open the door when none other than Liam was standing right in front of me.

“Oh, hi” I greeted, turning off my phone

“Hey” he said smiling. “Do you want to go get some dinner?” He asked politely

“Sure.” I accepted

“I hope you don’t mind that a few friends will be joining us.” He said leading me to a limo.

“No that’s fine.”

He opened the door and four other boys were sitting in the limo.

I sat down next to Liam.

“I am Lauren” I introduced, realizing I still hadn’t introduced myself to Liam.

“Hi” They chorused.

“I am Harry” said a boy with brown curly hair and a slow voice. He must’ve been the boy I talked to on the phone.

“Zayn” said a black haired boy

“Niall” Said an Irish boy

“Louis” said a boy in a striped shirt

“And I am Liam.”

I recognized them to be the boys in the club from last night.

“Nice to meet you.” I responded

“Liam has been ranting on about you since last night.” Louis revealed

“No I haven’t” blushed Liam.

“This is kind of off topic but why are we in a limo?” I asked

They all looked at me with disbelief.

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