New York Love

Lauren is a New York student that happens to meet someone who changes her life forever.


1. One



It was February third 2013. I remember it clearly; it was snowing like crazy out and my friend Mary had dragged me to downtown Manhattan. She was dying to go to The Lumineers concert and I just wanted to stay home and relax like any normal person would during a blizzard. But Mary was not the type to do something normal and was determined to get me to go with her. I gave in mostly because if I didn’t, she was going to play “Ho Hey” outside my door until I agreed to go with her. Mary was very immature for a twenty two year old. I was more mature than her and I was a nineteen. I was a student and New York University, Mary and I met when we were roommates. I majored on music production and hoped for a job at Columbia records after I graduated. Anyway, I had just arrived at the venue for the concert, which was a small club. Not a very big crowd which was good because I do not really like clubs. The Lumineers weren’t my favorite, but they were okay once I got a drink in my hand. I was sitting in the back on an old bar stool, thinking that the night might actually be fun, when an obnoxiously loud group of men, I mean boys walked in. They looked like they were in their twenties but acted like they were twelve. I ignored them until the barstool that one of the boys was sitting on broke and his drink flew all over my dress.

“Oh my God. I am so sorry!” The boy said in a British accent.

“It’s okay. I should’ve seen it coming.” I replied in disgust

“Can I get you a drink or…” He offered

“No, I’m just gonna leave, but thanks.”

“Wait!” he yelled

I turned around. “You forgot your purse”

I quickly grabbed it and left in anger. Seriously?! All over my dress. I mumbled to myself all the way back to my apartment. I would have taken a cab, but I forgot to bring cash and Mary has my credit card. I just hoped Mary wouldn’t notice I left. A taxi screeched to a halt right next to my apartment and Mary came running towards me.

“Laura!” She yelled

I kept walking ignoring her.

“Laura. Why did you leave?” She asked

“I don’t even know why I came. You know that I don’t like the club scene. Every time I go you take my credit card and hang out with Jake all night long.” I replied

“Oh, I’m sorry Lauren. I’m sorry that I was trying to get you to have a social life. I’m sorry that you haven’t even spoken to a guy in nine months.” She responded sarcastically.

“Mary, for the last God damn time, I can take care of myself.”

“Fine.” She threw the credit card and left.

I quickly locked the door behind me walked into my apartment. Within five minutes, my phone started ringing, which was typical Mary, she was probably calling to apologize.  I ignored her and dumped out my purse. I found an index card that read:

555-923-7021. Call me so that I can buy you a new dress. Sorry again. Liam

I rolled my eyes and threw the note away. I was not the type of girl to call up some random guy who ruined my dress. It was New York, who knows who this guy is. I flipped on the TV. I usually would have been willing to watch the Sex and the City marathon, but for some reason, I didn’t want to watch Carrie fall in love for the millionth time. It was such a lie. I came to New York expecting to find my true love and it turns out, New York is not full of Mr. Bigs. But of course, I fell into the trap and ended up watching six episodes of Sex and the City before falling asleep in my beer drenched Gucci dress.


A/N: please like and comment and all that stuff if you want another chapter. I worked really hard on this and if I get enough feedback, I will do updates daily, Thanks!

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