The Torn Can Always Be Fixed

This story is NOT real! The people in it are some of my close friends and some famous people. This is my first story so I'm sorry if its no good! I would love to hear feed back from you guys though!! :) if there are any questions about this story feel free to ask me! Please tell me if you like it or not! Thanks.


8. Three Little Slips

With that the whole stadium gasped along with me. I was shocked to say the least. My mouth was wide open and I had no clue what to say. I heard a lot of people in the front row yelling “What are you gonna say?” “I hope she says yes, she’s pretty and she looks nice!” “No! Justin’s mine! Why?” I looked at my family. Steven and James were wide eyed and mouthed. Mariana was jumping for joy hoping I’d say yes. Frankie was stepping forward protectively, his eyes asking if he was needed. My aunt and uncle shocked, but happy. Sam, the last person I looked at, the one who had always been there for me, the one who I felt something for, but maybe not enough, the one who looked betrayed at this point because I’d lied to him when I said nothing happened when I was in Justin’s dressing room, the one I wanted to ask and see if it was okay or not if I said yes to Justin, but he turned away. He left the stage and I saw him heading for the door that led where we were let in. I heard the door open and close. At this point I felt lost. I was scared and Sam was the only one that could help me through it. I turned to Justin and opened my mouth. Everyone was silent to see what I would say.


“Yeah,” He asked hopefully.

“I’ve known you for a day, and I don’t think that’s enough time for me to get to know you enough to date you, but I’m not saying no. I will take my chances and get to know you more and see, then, if I want to be your girlfriend. Is that okay?”

He smiled, “Yes! Yes that’s okay!”

He came over and hugged me, picked me up and twirled me around. He set me down and he said good night to his fans. We all made our way backstage. Steven came over to me.

“Why didn’t you just say yes?”

“I don’t know. When Sam left the stage, I felt like part of myself did to, but I couldn’t just flat out reject Justin in front of everyone.”

“So you have feelings for Sam too?”

“Let’s talk about this at home please.”

“Fine, but we aren’t done talking. That’s for sure.”

I rolled my eyes just as Pattie came over. Steven left us alone to talk.

“So how was that for a surprise?”

I laughed, “It was a surprise alright! Did you know about it?”

“I knew that you were going to be the One Less Lonely Girl, but that was all.”

“Oh, okay. Can I ask you something?”

“Anything darling.”

“Do you want me to be your son’s girlfriend? Like, do you approve of me? And you can tell me to my face if you don’t. I would understand.”

Pattie laughed hard, “Of course I want you to be with my son! I’ve always wanted him to be with a fan, just not a crazy one. And you are a fan who comes from a Christian background. That’s all I could ask for. I am glad you decided to wait and see how you felt though; that shows me that you aren’t one of those creepy, weird fans that wouldn’t let Justin have his time. I think my son has a good taste.” She smiled while saying that last part.

“Thank you Pattie.”

“No problem sweetie.” She said while walking away.

No way was I going to ask her want to do about to situation I was in! It involved her son and my best friend. I felt horrible! I kinda lied to Justin, and Sam was mad at me because I lied to him. He didn’t even give me a chance to explain. I would have, just not in front of everyone on stage.

“Well we better get going.” Aunt Peggy said.

Everyone said their goodbyes, but they knew they were going to see each other again with Justin and my situation. As I was about to leave someone tugged at my arm. They turned me around and I was face to face with Justin.

“You weren’t about to leave without saying goodbye were you?”

“Haha, I almost forgot didn’t I?”

“Yes, and you forgot to give me your number.” He winked.

“Smooth,” I laughed again and gave him my number. “Bye.”

He kissed my cheek, “bye.”

Frankie came over not even five seconds after and said, “Okay! Time to go Ashlee!”

I looked at him and smiled, “What? He can’t even give his maybe girlfriend a kiss on the cheek? What’s wrong with you?” I said shaking my head.

“What’s wrong is you are my 16 year old little sister and I am here to make sure you don’t get hurt by some,” he looked Justin up and down, then turned back to me, “idiot who doesn’t know how to deal with a girls heart.”

“Okay, thanks Frankie! That’s enough! Bye Justin!” I said walking away with Frankie after giving Justin a hug.

“Bye.” Justin said. I heard a tint of sadness in his word. I turned around while still walking and blew him a kiss to make him feel better. He smiled and caught it, placing it on his lips. I heard a, “hmm” come from him as he closed his eyes. I smiled and turned back to see where I was walking.

We all got in the car and drove home. Steven bumped into my and nodded his head upstairs. I nodded, got some ice cream and headed to his room. I sat on his bed and waited since he was in the shower. I thought to myself, “Now why would he tell me to come to his room when all he’s gonna do is take a shower. I could be watching TV.” As I finished that sentence the water stopped. A minute or two later Steven came out with a towel around his waist.

He saw I was sitting on his bed, luckily, before he started to get dressed. I sighed as I turned around.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, I knew by the shuffling noises behind me he was changing, which wasn’t a big deal to us. He’s technically my brother, but I had always thought of him as one.

“I just,” I thought about how I was going to saw this, “I don’t know what to do.”

“What do you mean?”

“I—you know how I feel about Sam,” I said turning back around.

“Yeah, you like him more than a friend would, but you don’t know if those feelings are as strong as they should be to be in a relationship.”

“Yes, but I also like Justin. At least I like the famous Justin, Justin Bieber. I don’t know the Justin behind all of the cameras.”

“That’s why you didn’t agree to being his girlfriend right away?”

“Yepp, but now Sam is mad at me and he’s the only one that can really help me with this.”

“Are you sure you want someone who is involved in the same situation helping with it?”

I sighed, “No, but his input would help me. I know he wouldn’t want me to be Justin’s girlfriend, but I just—I need someone who I trust. Don’t feel like I’m saying I can’t trust you—I can—but, I don’t even know!” I felt tears in my eyes start to form.

Steven saw them apparently and rushed over to me, “No, Ashlee, you’ve done enough crying in the past few months to last your whole life. Please don’t do this.” I fell into his arms and for a second I thought he was going to cry too.

“Can we have a meeting?” I spoke through the tears.

“Yeah, I’ll be right back with them.”

Since I moved in, some things had changed, so the guys and I had decided to make a little group. If one of us needed help, we would call a meeting. There weren’t any parents or children in the group so it was just Steven, James, Frankie, and me. Soon enough, the boys came strolling through the half open door.

Frankie saw me crying and immediately ran over to me. He treated me like any big brother was supposed to. He wrapped his arms around me lovingly. “What’s the matter baby?” he asked while rocking me in his arms.

“I don’t know what to do!!” I sobbed, “I like Justin a lot, I really do, but I also like Sam, a lot! When Sam walked away from me on stage tonight,” I took a deep breath, “I didn’t know what to do! I felt like part of me left with him, I was lost, broken even; I didn’t want to be on that stage alone. I wanted to be with Sam, but I also didn’t want to leave Justin’s side. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m torn.” By the end I was done crying, but Frankie was still holding me close. I loved it when he held me. I felt safe, like nothing could ever hurt me.

James was about to say something, but we all froze when we heard a door open and close. It was too late for my aunt and uncle to be up and about, which meant Mariana was also fast asleep.

Soon we heard Aunt Peggy calling up to us, “Is everything okay?” she asked while coming upstairs.

I knew she would freak if she saw I was crying. Quickly, and quietly, I ran over to my bed and jumped in getting in a comfy position that looked like I was asleep. The boys caught on and made a little group acting like they were talking, but looking like they were trying not to wake me up. We were all in place when my aunt opened the door, bringing the light into the room too. I “woke up” to the newly appearing light on my face.

“What in the world? Why did you turn the light on?” I spoke like I had just woken up.

“Oh, I’m sorry dear! I didn’t realize you were asleep.”

“Sorry if we woke you up mom, we were just having a little chat, Ashlee was in it, but she fell asleep on us; that’s why we’re up here.” James explained.

“Oh, okay, I just thought Ashlee was,” she looked my way, “nevermind. Well you boys get to sleep soon! Sorry to wake you Ashlee.”

“It’s okay Aunt Peggy.”

She turned around, shut the door, and I waited until I had heard her go downstairs and close her door before I got up from my bed and hurried over to the boys.

“That was kinda close.” Steven said.

“Kinda?! We almost got caught!” James said softly, but harshly.

“Calm down! We are here to help Ashlee, not argue about getting caught.” Frankie spoke while gesturing for me to come into his arms again. I gladly did; I just wanted the world to go away, and when Frankie hugged me it did. There two other people that could make me feel this way too; that was Sam, but he was mad at me which made me feel of awful, and Justin, someone who asked me to be his girlfriend.

“Okay, so as you were saying Ashlee,” Steven urged me on.

I took a deep breathe, “I already told you everything. I’m torn between two guys that both mean the world to me and I don’t know who to choose. Please help me, and telling me to ‘follow my heart’ isn’t gonna help.”

We all stayed quiet for a while before Steven spoke up, “Talk to them about it?”

“If she does that then Justin and Sam will just start fighting about who would be better that they didn’t know about this.” James said matter-of-factly.

“I have an idea.” Frankie said suddenly. “You trust the three of us right Ash?”

“Of course I do.”

“Okay,” he spoke again while walking over to get a piece of paper and a pen, “We are going to write down who we think you should choose and why.” He ripped the paper evenly into three pieces and handed them out. “Is this an okay plan? Since we know you like the back of our hands? If you don’t like what we choose, you can always pick who you want. It will just get you thinking about it a little more.”

I nodded. I thought it was a good idea.

“Okay, turn around so you wouldn’t see who we write.”

I nodded again at Frankie, turning around while doing so. It wasn’t long until I was instructed to face them again. They held on of Steven’s hats with three little papers inside, all folded the same way. I took a deep breath before taking the hat into my grip. I let the breath out as a sign while taking out one of the slips.

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