The Torn Can Always Be Fixed

This story is NOT real! The people in it are some of my close friends and some famous people. This is my first story so I'm sorry if its no good! I would love to hear feed back from you guys though!! :) if there are any questions about this story feel free to ask me! Please tell me if you like it or not! Thanks.


4. Teasing, Dinner, and More Teasing

As we got closer to my house, I could see Mariana outside on her bike and Steven and James playing some shirtless basketball like always. Mariana saw Sam and I first and got off her bike and came running towards us asking all kinds of questions and making all kinds of statements not giving me time in between to comment. “Where have you been?” “I can’t believe you went outside the house!”  “Does Mama know where you’ve been?” “Who is that? Is he your boyfriend?” “Steven, James! Look at Ashlee outside the house!” I was laughing up until she said boyfriend. Then Steven and James came over. “Mariana!" I yelled catching her attention. "First question, I was at the beach. Second, I know I’m outside and loving it! Third, yes, Aunt Peggy knows where I’ve been. And fourth, this is Sam, and no he is not my boyfriend. He’s my neighbor from Vidalia.” I introduced Sam to everyone that was outside and he said hello, but that he had to get home. I gave him a hug before he left. After Sam had left Steven and James made kissy noises at me.

“Oh, grow up!” I said waving a hand dismissively, “Now continue playing on your bike and playing your basketball game, I’m going in—”

“DON’T say inside Ashlee.” Steven said.

“Yeah Ashlee, this is the first time I’ve seen you out without being forced to come out here.” James said.

I rolled my eyes about to turn back around to go inside when Steven asked, “Why don’t you play some basketball with us?”

“No Steven, remember,” James said, “she can’t play basketball, for one. And two, she can’t take her shirt off!”

We all busted out laughing and Mariana looked at us weirdly then started going inside.

“Mariana! Tell Aunt Peggy I’m back please!” I yelled after her.

She said okay and I sat down to watch the boys play their game. Soon enough they started arguing about how one of them fouled the other, screaming at me to "ref." even though they know I had no idea what they were talking about.

After about twenty minutes the game was over and we went inside to eat dinner together. When we were all seated, Aunt Peggy did what I had be hoping wouldn’t happen. She asked, “So Ashlee how was your day with Sam?” James and Steven started chuckling and James said, “Yeah Ashlee? How was your DATE with Sam?”

I didn’t know what to do so I said, “It wasn't a date, but it was fine. I had,” I gulped not wanting to start anything, but having to say the truth, “fun.” Aunt Peggy gasped with joy and Uncle Frank said, “You did! Well we need to meet this magical boy if you had fun with him Ashlee! Tomorrow ask him and his family to join us for dinner please.”

“Yes sir.” I said not wanting to be rude.

That night after dinner, Mariana was already in bed, the boys and I were in the family room. They were playing x-box like any other teenage boys, and I was watching, but I sorta zoned out. All of a sudden, I heard Frankie telling Steven and James about how I acted at the airport when I first saw Sam.

“… and she almost screamed! She was being such a girl about it.”

“No I wasn’t Frankie! Stop lying and tell them the truth,” I said butting in.

“How about you tell us Ashlee?” Steven asked.

James paused the game and said with a smirk, “Yeah Ashlee, I’d like to know more about your past with this Sam kid.”

“There isn’t a past with Sam and me. We were neighbors and now he’s here and I’m happy there is someone I can hang out with beside you idiots. If you really want to know what happened at the airport then here it is. I saw Sam and I was happy. That’s it.” I said.

“Well what took you so long getting back here? I know you helped them unpack and all, but that doesn’t take 4 hours.” Frankie asked protectively.

“Sam asked me to walk on the beach with him.”

“OMG!! Did you hear that!! They walked on the beach together!! Oh Ashlee, tell us more! Tell us more!” James said in a high pitched voice.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “We walked on the beach for about thirty minutes. We caught up, and he asked me why I acted so different and I told him about my parents. Then he gave me a hug and I said we should go home.”

“Awh, how romantic.” Steven said long and slow. It was very annoying.

“Shut up!” I said.

“As long as he didn’t kiss you, I’m okay with it.” Frankie said.

I laughed and they continued with their game, but the look James gave me was the look that said, “We aren’t done talking about this”. With that, I got up to go to sleep.

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