The Torn Can Always Be Fixed

This story is NOT real! The people in it are some of my close friends and some famous people. This is my first story so I'm sorry if its no good! I would love to hear feed back from you guys though!! :) if there are any questions about this story feel free to ask me! Please tell me if you like it or not! Thanks.


10. Anger

***Told you guys it wasn't the last! And just to let you know i was telling the truth i posted two chapters today!! But don't start expecting this!! Hahaha!!***


When I woke up the next day, I started to text Sam to let him know I would be over soon, but thought I would just surprise him. I quickly got ready, but right before I was out the door Frankie came over to me.

“Do you think this is right? I don’t know, I just keep feeling doubtful about it...”

“Well give it a few days okay? I’m one phone call away baby!”

“Okay.” I smiled and walked out the door.

I got to Sam’s house, and his mom opened.

“Sam’s in his room. Go on up, I’m sure he won’t mind!”

“Okay!” I smiled. I walked up the stairs to Sam’s room. I heard him on the phone and was about to walk in anyways, but I heard him say my name. I decided to stand outside his door and listen. Luckily, and I found out stupidly, he was talking on speaker phone.

Sam: Yeah! I can’t believe Ashlee said yes!

I smiled thinking he was bragging to a friend at home about us dating, but I soon found out I was terribly wrong.

???: Me either dude!

That sounded like Sam’s best friend Jordan.

Sam: So yeah dude! Who owes me 500 when I get back to Vidalia?

Jordan: Yeah, yeah man. Whatever! You sure you didn’t trick her?

Sam: Well I mean… I told her I cared about her and some crazy stuff like that! I still can’t believe my plan worked though. I mean, I must be a good liar for her to choose me over her dream man, Justin Bieber. I really didn’t know how STUPID some girls could be! I mean, DAMN!

Jordan: Hahahaha! Yeah man I got you. So when are you coming back?

Sam: In a week or so. Of course, I’m gonna take her virginity first, but she trusts me, how stupid, so I don’t think it will be hard to do.

Jordan: Well I’m not paying you for that! Our bet was to see if you could steal her from Justin, and then break her heart!

Sam: Well I’m doing just that, but I think it’s fair that she pays me a little something to; if you know what I mean.

After that they busted out laughing and said their goodbyes. I can’t believe they bet on me. I can’t believe I trusted Sam enough to let him get this far under my skin! I walked downstairs to get something to drink before opening his bedroom door, putting on a fake smile beforehand.

“Hey!” I said, going over to kiss his cheek like nothing had happened. Oh boy, was I gonna have fun with this. Just wait until he learns that two can play at this game.

“Oh. Hey sweetie. You’re early! Did you just get here?” He asked sort of worried.

I laughed to myself, “No I heard you laughing on the phone with someone, but decided to go get something to drink first to give you time to get off.”

I smiled seeing him look scared for a second. ‘You should be scared baby.’

“Is that all you heard?” he asked more worriedly this time.

“Yeah, that’s it. Why are you asking all scared? Were you talking to someone about something I’m not supposed to know about?”

“No, no that’s not it! I’m not acting scared! Let’s just go on our date already.”


We left his house, and he took me out to lunch to this fancy, but not too expensive Italian restaurant. We talked, ate, and paid the bill before we started to walk back to my house. Little did he know I had texted Frankie and asked him to get my aunt and uncle to leave the house so it looked like no one was home. So when we walked up the drive way he asked.

“I don’t know. They might have gone out for a late lunch or something.”

We walked in the door and Frankie had turned all the lights out. It was really dark, but I felt Sam’s arms wrap around me.

“Hey. Since they’re all gone… we could have some fun you know.” He whispered in my ear sending chills down my spine.

“Like hide and seek?” I joked.

Sam laughed and said, “No. What I’m thinking about involves a bed.”

I turned around in his arms so I was looking up at him and smiled, “That’s a good idea.”

I got a quick kiss before getting out of his grip and running up the stairs.

“Wait up!” I heard him yell.

He came into my room quickly after though, slamming the door behind him. There was a light on in my room, so we could see each other. I had never seen the look in his eyes though. I couldn’t tell; it couldn’t be love, lust maybe. I knew after that conversation he had had with Jordan, Sam didn’t love me. He couldn’t. He walked over to me and didn’t waste any time taking mine and his shirt off. After that he started kissing me like crazy. His tongue was going everywhere in my mouth. Right when he was about to take my pants off, the door of my room busted open. I pretended to gasp, but I knew it was going to happen. There stood Frankie. I knew he wouldn’t be too late.

Sam’s eyes widened, “What are you doing here? I thought everyone was gone!”

He looked at me, but I walked over to Frankie. He put his arm around me and said, “Well I guess I owe you.”

“Damn right you do!”

“What are you talking about?” Sam asked confusion lacing his words.

“Oh. I bet Frankie that sex was the first thing that would pop in your mind if you saw we were home alone.”

“That’s not the first thing that came to mind Ashlee.” He said defending himself.

“Oh really?” Frankie said, “Well let’s just listen and find out.”

He pulled his phone out and pressed play.

“Hey. Since they’re all gone… we could have some fun you know.” We heard Sam’s voice play out.

“Like hide and seek?”

“No. What I’m thinking about involves a bed.”

“That’s a good idea.” Then there was a pause where I kissed him, and then running up stairs.

“Wait up!” And then a door slam before the recording was over.

“What other activity involves a bed Sam? I’d like to know.”

He was about to answer me when I cut him off.

“No! Actually I couldn’t care less about that! I’d like to know why you even came out here to L.A. Sam! Was it just so you could get the $500 from Jordan?”

He looked at me in shock before I continued.

“Yeah; I heard the conversation between you and Jordan over the phone! I can’t believe YOU were STUPID enough to have your phone on the speaker! And to think of me as stupid.” I glared over at me. “How could you Sam? I mean, why would you EVER treat me like that? What did I ever do to you? Please tell me because I’d love to know what kind of horrible thing I’ve done in the past to be treated like you’ve treated me.” I was screaming at this point.

“How cruel of a person do you have to be Sam?”

“I’m sorry okay?”

My eyes widened. “Sorry? Wait. Did you just say ‘sorry’?”

“Yeah; do you forgive me?”

“Are you going to take the money from Jordan?” I asked trying to calm myself down.

“What kind of question is that? I won the bet so yeah I’m gonna take the money!”

I was about to go off on him, but Frankie got to it first. “How dare you! You think you can just follow Ashlee here and hurt her even more than she has been just to win a stupid bet?!?! You better be glad she’s here or else I would’ve already gone to beating your ass! You need to leave now and never, and I mean NEVER, come back here. I don’t want you to even text Ashlee. Don’t try and see her, don’t come near her, don’t try and tell her how sorry you are. You understand me?”

“Why would I listen to you? You’re just a pot-head that can’t even stay in college for a year.”

That was the last straw for me. You can talk about me all you want, but you bring someone I love into this, you’re gonna get it! I didn’t even have time to think, and Frankie didn’t have time to act before I was on top of Sam. I was on his back hitting him as hard as I could, kicking him, I think I even bit his shoulder, but I didn’t even know. I was so pissed off at him I had no clue what was going through my mind. The only reason I got off of him was because Frankie came and grabbed me.

“You little bitch!” I heard Sam yell.

“I am no bitch, but you, you on the other hand…. I don’t even think there’s a word for you!!!! Get out of my house! Go home, not the one down the street. No the one in Vidalia; a whole country away Sam. I never want to see you again. I hope you burn in hell where you belong!”

“What did you say to me?”

“You heard me loud and clear Sam. Get. Out. Now.”

When he didn’t move I screamed again, “GET OUT SAM!!”

This time he listened. This time he left, ran down the stairs, out the door, and to who knows where. I hope I never see him again.

I didn’t even realize I was crying until Frankie picked me up and placed me on the bed stroking my hair, and kissing my forehead begging me not to.

I also realized I wasn’t wearing a shirt when James walked in. He covered his face from me jokingly, and took his shirt off handing it to me.

He took my phone from me, going outside to do something that I really could care less about right now. He came back in and handed me my phone.

About ten minutes pasted before I heard the door downstairs open. I thought it was just Aunt Peggy or someone from the house. I heard them rushing up the stairs, and when they got to the door I gasped. I quickly got up and ran over to them. I flung my arms around their neck, and they picked me up. I looked into their eyes.


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