The Torn Can Always Be Fixed

This story is NOT real! The people in it are some of my close friends and some famous people. This is my first story so I'm sorry if its no good! I would love to hear feed back from you guys though!! :) if there are any questions about this story feel free to ask me! Please tell me if you like it or not! Thanks.


1. Ashlee Miller

Hello! My name is Ashlee Miller! I'm here to tell you about how my life turned upside down.

I’m a 16 year old girl. I live in Los Angles, California, now, but once lived in a small Georgian town called Vidalia. I moved to LA with my Aunt Peggy after my parents died in a plane crash. Now I technically have 3 brothers and 3 sisters; Sumner (30) and Emma (28) from my parents, Mariana (7), Steven (15), Frankie (20), and James (17) from Aunt Peggy and Uncle Frank. After two months of being in LA with no friends except my now family, Sam, my neighbor from Vidalia, texted me telling me he would be moving to LA! I was excited to see him, and to have a friend OUTSIDE of the house.

Now that you know the background of my story, let’s begin: It was a dark and stormy night…….haha just kidding. We’re in LA remember! It’s always sunny here! Anyways…

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