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Harry Styles. The heart throb of the whole entire school. He is popular, funny, a flirt.. Every single girls dream! But, what the rest of the school does not know, is how brutal he is to Carlie, the girl who is just ‘there.’ She isn’t the popular type, she is just a regular teenager. He bullies her almost ever single day, he does not know that he is the cause of why she cuts, has thoughts of suicde, and depression. Will Harry ever find out the truth behind his bullying to her?


1. Brutal Start


Carlie’s P.O.V


   I always liked school, until I started high school. That’s when hell broke loose. Everyone is all snotty, and really rude, Its horror. The day usually goes fine until, science. First of all, the teacher, Mrs. Wells is literally the devil. And second of all, Harry Styles. He is the worst human being to ever walk on this earth. He is that, popular football player with all the girls drooling over him.. And worst of all, he is a bully. Especially to me. He HATES me, for no reason.. he has no idea what he does to me and how it affects my life..

   Back to the point. I scurry to science, books clenched against my chest. I slowly open the door, and as I examine the room, everyone is standing up with their books. That means we are switching seats, oh great! I start to get nervous, what if I have to sit next to Harry?!   I stand in the corner by myself, as usual. I am not popular I’m just ‘there’. I mean, I HAVE friends but not in this particular class. Mrs. Wells starts picking people and assigning them to their new seats. She is wearing the ugliest floral dress, her hair up in a bun and a mean look on her face as always. I scan the room, I see all these popular girls talking, and acting ‘all hot’ around him. I sigh, and Mrs. Wells places me in a seat. It is in the back of the room, where I usually like to be.

   Suddenly, she places Harry. Right when she said who he was going to sit with, his smile disappeared. He sighed, and walked over next to me. He sat down, not even paying attention to who I was. It was like.. I was invisible. My eyes drifted to the board, I can’t even look at him. I bite my lip and look down, I doodle some random things on my paper. My dirty blonde hair is falling on my shoulders and covering my eye. Maybe I can switch seats? No, Mrs. Wells won’t do that at all.. I take a big sigh. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see Harry staring at my stomach, looking at my body in disgust. My face suddenly drops of expression. He examines every inch of my body, I try to ignore him the best I can. It is really hard not too. Yeah, I know I am a bit over weight; he does not have to make me feel bad. I can tell he wants to day something to me.


   “Hey, fat bitch. Maybe you should lay off on all the sweets, eh?” he chuckles, and has an evil smirk on his face


   My heart drops. I show no emotion on the outside, but on the inside I’m full of tears. I bite my lip, and ignore what he said. The funny thing is, I used to be in love with this boy. He was my prince, my everything.. Now he is nothing to me. The first time he every said something to me, I knew that I should stop liking him. He used to be brutal to me, everyday, and he still is.

    My secret is, that this boy that I used to love, causes me to cut and have depression.



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