At First Sight

Nataliee was 18 years old and has already graduated high school at Medows High, and she's starting collage at Caverns Edge in Homes Chapel, New England. But she knows nothing about New England and is from Palm Beach, Florida. This atory is about love at first sight when she looks into a young mans eyes and they were in love at first sight, and the young man's name is Harry Styles.....


1. On The Plane

       ~ Nataliee's P.O.V.~


 Summer was almost over, in one week, I was going to start collage in Homes Chapel, New England and I know nothing about Homes Chapel. What was I going to do. I'm only going there because  I know that Caverns Edge is a wonderful, one of a kind school. I know there's still one week left in summer, but I have to fly to Homes Chapel tomorrow morning after breakfast. I already packed my bags and everything. Now I'm just lying in bed wondering, what it will be like.

         Once I woke up, I was wide awake. It was weird that I was completely awake, but who cares. I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and walk back into my room. I didn't need to take a shower because I took one yesterday, I would take a shower once I make it to my dorm.  I didn't know what to wear it was hard choosing because I needed to make a good first impression in Homes Chapel, I mean, I might meet some people that I have to go to collage with in a store and I need a good first immpresion. That's because that impression will effect me every year I spend in that collage.

        Then, I finally decide what to wear, I put on my half-sleeve purple top and my light blue jeans and a thick dark brown jacket. To top it of I put a hot pick purse in my carry on to put on once  I make it. I decided to put my jacket with my purse in my carry on, after all, it was a lovely day outside.

        When I make it down stairs, my breakfast was ready. I was running late behind schedule, so I quickly  shove my breakfast inside my mouth.Then it was time for the goodbyes. Was I ready for this? I don't know! "Goodbye mom, *sigh* goodbye dad *tears started running down my face as I stared at the ground, I'm not ready. But it's time*I just love you guys so much and i guess it's time to go", then I gave my parents both a very tight and long hug. Then, I wiped away my tears. My older brother, Konnor, was driving me and my older sister, Larna to the airport, all of us three are going to collage. Bust it's Larna's second year at Longintion University in California, and Konnor's third year at Darwin's University in North Carolina. Then, we finally made it to the air port and Konnor parked his car at the "coming back later" area. There were different areas so Konnor had to park under the "gone for a year" parkings. Then, time flied fast and we said our goodbyes once we had to split up to go to our gates. Right when I made it to my gate, the plane was loading. I made it just in time, then I got on to the plane. I was seated next to a woman with a child named Tiffany, but we didn't interact at all but we did a little bit at first, so that's how I know her name. Hours passed and then it was finally time for landing. right when I was in the airport, I called my parents. Then I got into a taxi cab that took me to the school's campus. Then I asked for directions to the dorms from other students who showed me the way around the campus. But I still did't get anything from their campus talk so I only know how to get to the dorms.

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