At First Sight

Nataliee was 18 years old and has already graduated high school at Medows High, and she's starting collage at Caverns Edge in Homes Chapel, New England. But she knows nothing about New England and is from Palm Beach, Florida. This atory is about love at first sight when she looks into a young mans eyes and they were in love at first sight, and the young man's name is Harry Styles.....


2. At First Sight

          ~Nataliee's P.O.V.~


  To be safe, the five days left till collage started, I would stay on the campus so I don't get lost. Now that I've made it, I took a shower. Days pass and suddenly school starts tomorrow. I start to get bored when I hear the door handle turn. In the room, walks this beautiful girl. "Hi, my name is Ellanor, but you can call me El", she greets me. "Hello, my name is Nataliee but people call me Nat, How are you?" "I'm fine, thank you for asking. And how are you?" "I'm good, thanks". Right away I knew we would be friends and I knew that she knew it, too.

           It was getting dark outside so me and Ellanor went to sleep early so we wouldn't wake up late tomorrow. "Ring, ring, ring", our alarm clocks went off at the same time, so we both laughed. Good way to start off the day. We then got ready and had breakfast together at a Cafe on campus. Then we we're done and had to go to our classes, she gave me directions to my next class and i said thank you and then we both said our little goodbyes, knowing we would see eachother again during lunch. We decided we would sit next to eachother at lunch, where she would show me her boyfriend. His name was Louis but people called him Louie or simply, Lou. My first and second classes of the day were normal school subject but my third class was Drama, then I had lunch. 



          My first two classes of the day were already over, and now it was time for Drama. Drama was on the third floor of a little mini building. I walked up the first two flights of stairs, and then I walked strait all the way to the other side into the open, there was a beautiful blue railing with an amazing complex design. Suddenly, a girl comes up behind of me and I was sure that I had a scared look on my face.

        "Hello, Nataliiee," said Karline, we went to high school together and she was one of the most popular girls in school while people saw me as an idiot at the bottom. An evil smile grew on her face. "Hello," I said scared, not sure what she was going to do to me. She let out a little laugh, and then she pushed me."AHHHHHHH," I screamed. With my head first, she was holding on to my feet and I knew she was going to let go. I was on the other side of the railing, breathing heavy, I held on to the bottom of the railing, because I was upside down, she kicked my hands and if she wasn't holding onto my feet, I would've probably feel to my death to the ground from the third floor. She let go of one of my feet and I was crying a little bit. I knew she would let go if I screamed help so I didn't. My hands were bleeding, man she had sharp ends on her boots.

        "Oops," she said as she let go of my other foot. Then something happened, why wasn't I dead? Why can't I just die? But some how I was relived that I wasn't dead. "Let go, I want to die. After all, everyone hates me!" I said with tears streaming down my face. "No, I won't, I can't," some boy said with a british accent. That wasn't Karline. " Just do it, she wants to die, stupid," I heard Karline said. "Just go away!" I heard that boy yell. "UGH," whined Karline. I heard footsteps and I was sure she went to floor four for her third class.

        The boy helped me up and onto the right side of the railing. "are you ok?" he asked. I was looking down at my feet. " yeah, and thanks," I said. "Noe problem," he said. And then I looked up to see...OMG IT WAS HARRY STYLES. "Oh my god, you're Harry Styles. I'm a really big fan, but don't worry I won't be annoying you with all that screaming," I said. He smiled showing his cute dimples. I smiled back, then looked back at the ground. Oh my god. I was sure that I was in love.


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