Love rules

Olivia villa has always been the popular girl. Her parents are rich and love her. But when she meets a suspenders loving boy named Louis Tomlinson, she learns what true love is like. Please no hate this is my first movella!


11. Truth Or Dare

Once the boys and I settled down we all went up to my room. "So what should we do?" I asked . Everyone exchanged looks until Louis screamed, "TRUTH OR DARE!" I ran into my closet and grabbed a bottle. Of course I had to sit next to Niall and Em. "Okay Emily truth or dare?" Liam asked Emily. "Umm... Tr.. D... Tru... Dare?" Normally Emily chose truth but I guess she was nervous infront of the boys. "I dare you to make out with Harry for 1 whole minute!" Louis screamed. Emily turned her head and smiled at Harry. Harry gave her a cheeky smily and leaned in. We all screamed 'ooooooooo' and I could see Emily blush. "Times up!" Zayn said. They pulled apart and looked at the group. "Okay Emily spin the bottle." Liam said. She spun it and it landed on Liam "truth or dare Liam?" "Truth." Liam said confidently. "Okay what is the worst thing you have ever done?" Emily asked. She always asked that question. She claims it helps her to get to know people better. "I through a bottle, trying to hit the garbage, but it hit a pigeon instead." Liam said. I looked at Louis and he screamed, "KEVIN!!!" "Shut up Louis!" I yelled. "Liam spin the bottle." I demanded. Liam spun the bottle and it landed on Louis. "Louis truth or d-" "DARE!!!" Louis screamed. "I dare you to kiss the cutest person in this room for 10 seconds." "Okay" Louis got up and walked over to me. I froze there then he touched his lips to mine. I kissed back and we sat there, kissing. I ignored my surroundings until Emily screamed in my ear." Stop making out!!!!!" I jumped back in my spot. "Sorry." Louis said. His cheeks were a light shade of pink. "Did I bite your lip?" I asked. "A little bit." He replied. I could feel the redness of my cheeks fill up. I think that truth or dare hates me or something. Oh well.
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