Love rules

Olivia villa has always been the popular girl. Her parents are rich and love her. But when she meets a suspenders loving boy named Louis Tomlinson, she learns what true love is like. Please no hate this is my first movella!


6. Swimming With The Boys... And Other Things

I ran back up to my room so I could change into my bathing suit. I went into my closet and pulled on my bathing suit. It had little red '1D' signs and it was white. I grabbed my very big t-shirt that had a pink heart that said ' What Mkes You Beautiful Is Everything'. It was my favourite shirt for just lounging around the house. When i walked down stairs, the boys were playing volleyball. "Hey boys." I said. All the boys looked in my direction and their mouths dropped. Whistles were passed around. I let a little giggle escape my lips. I took off my shirt to reveal my bathing suit. Again whistles were passed around. I went to the diving board and put my hair up. I hated swimming with my hair up. All the water makes it knotted. I jumped in and it only made a little splash. When i surficed, all the boys were laughing at me. "What?" I asked. "It's just that you made such a little splash." Niall said inbetween laughs. " Okay can we stop making fun of me and start swimming?" I asked. I didn't get a answer because Louis had already picked me up and through me to Harry who swung me around in a circle. Since I was the smallist, I didn't have an advantage. The whole day I was swimming with the boys. We played volleyball, which Louis, Harry, and I kicked butt. When we won the last game, Louis picked me up by the waist and spun me around. When he stopped, we starred into eachothers eyes. We both leaned in and our lips  touched. His lips moved insinque with mine. When he pulled away, all we heared was clapping, cheering, and Niall's adorable laugh. I turned a deep shade of red that matched my lipstick. I looked from the boys to Louis and saw is cheeks were a light pink aswell. Just when we were letting go of each other, The door opened and i heard my mothers voice from the kitchen. Oh no.

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