Love rules

Olivia villa has always been the popular girl. Her parents are rich and love her. But when she meets a suspenders loving boy named Louis Tomlinson, she learns what true love is like. Please no hate this is my first movella!


13. School... :(

I woke up on Monday morning. Oh great! I have school. I got up and went to my bathroom. Eww! I was hideous! My hair was full of knots, my eyes looked dull and I was all greasy. I stripped out of my silver pyjamas. The cold air clung to my body instantly. I turned on the shower to the warm setting. As soon as I stepped in the warm water ran down my body. I washed my hair with my Louis Tomlinson shampoo and conditioner. The sent was heavenly. After my shower I wrapped the fluffy towel around my self. I walked into my room and saw Teddy laying on my bed. "Teddy what are you doing in here?" I asked him in a silly voice. "He wanted to greet you." I heard a voice say. It was my dad. He looked exhausted. "Dad are you okay?" I asked concerned. "Yeah just a long day at work. So how's your day with the boys?" Dad asked. "Wonderful. They really made me feel like I was special." "They told me you and Louis had a little snog." Dad laughed. I felt my cheeks turn a bright red. "They told you that!" I said. "Yup." He said. "Hurry up or you will be late for school." Dad said as he walked down the stairs. I looked in my closet for something to wear. After 30 minutes of changing from outfit to outfit I found one. It was brown cowboy boots with cute denim jeans, short sleeve shirt that said 'DON'T BE HATING ON ME', a jean jacket, and my favourite cowboy hat. I looked in my full body mirror. Perfect. I blowdryed my hair and let it fall naturally. I grabbed my purse of the chair and ran down stairs. The morning sun shone brightly on the water of the pool. I walked into the kitchen and saw dad drinking his morning coffee. "So where's my breakfast?" I asked. "On the table." Dad responded. He was reading the newspaper. The music section. Every week the paper  talks about a famous music business. Dad had gotten it every time but insists on reading it any way. The table had a bag on it the said Starbucks on the front. Yum! "Bye daddy." I said giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Bye sweet cheeks." He said back. I took my car keys off the hook then walked out the door. My car was in its usual spot next to the oak tree. I climbed inside and drove off. The school looked cheerful hen I drove up. "Hey Liver liver loo loo!" Em cheered. "Hey. What's up with the new nickname?" I asked. "Oh Harry and I made it up. It's Louis' and yours couple name. Since I call you liver and Harry calls Louis loo we came up with liver liver loo loo." Emily explained. This is why I love her. She is so creative. "Nice so what's your couple name with Harry?" I asked. She shrugged. "How about Hemily?" I asked. "Hemily? I like it. I'm gonna text Harry right now to tell him." She exclaimed. We walked in the school to be greeted by some freshmens. "Hey guys. What's up?" I asked. "We were wondering if you wanted to come to the homecoming dance with her brother." Said a girl with curly red hair. She pointed to a girl with greenish blue eyes an light brown hair. She was gorgeous. She could be another me. "What's your name Hun?" I asked her. "Lottie. My real name is Charlotte." She said. Lottie. I like it. "What does your brother look like?" I asked Lottie. "He has hair like mine and eyes like mine." Lottie explained. "Sure I'll go to the dance with him." I replied. She thanked me and the rest of them ran of through the halls. Emily and I walke to our lockers. "So are you bringing Harry to the home coming dance on Thursday?" I asked her. "No. I never asked. Why?" She was mumbling again. Emily I swear if you continue mumbling I will take your phone away and stick it in my underwear got it!" I said slightly raising my voice. "Sorry." She said. "I think that you should take Harry to the dance. Then we can double date!" I said excitedly. "But you don't have a date." She said. "We're you not listening got me talkin to those nineth graders?" I questioned. "What nineth graders?" She asked. "Wow. They just came up to me and asked me to go with one of there brothers. "Sounds like fun." She said. "What was the nineth graders name?" "Lottie." "Pretty name. What did she look like?" She asked. Did I mension that Em hasn't looked up at me once during this conversation. "Em." No answer. "Emily." No answer. "Em your boots are ripped." No answer. "Emzulzy." No answer. "EMINEMINY!" "Why the fuck are you using my old nickname in elementary school!!!!!" She screamed at me. I knew she would get pissed. "You weren't paying attention to what I was saying." I said softly. "Come on we gotta go to class emineminy." "I swear if you call me that one more time I will sing your cheer. " Emily threatened. "You wouldn't." "Try me." "Emineminy." I said. And that's when she started. "Go, Olivia. Go go Olivia. Go, Olivia. Go go Olivia. You can do it. You you can do it. Oooooo!" She screamed in the hallway. Everyone new that was what Em sang to me in elementary school. Soon people started joining Emily. The entire hall, and some teachers were chanting it by the time I got to my next class. This will be a long day.


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