Love rules

Olivia villa has always been the popular girl. Her parents are rich and love her. But when she meets a suspenders loving boy named Louis Tomlinson, she learns what true love is like. Please no hate this is my first movella!


4. OMG!!!!!

When Emily left I broke down crying. Why was this happening to me?! I wish that she could stay but she can't. After about 10 minutes of crying my heart out, I got up and went to my room. When I walked in, my dad was standing next to the thing under the sheet. "Um... Dad? What are you doing in my room?" I questioned. "Well I was going to wait until your mom got home but I can't." He said jumping up and down like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. That is why I love my dad. He is a little kid inside. That's where I get the random gene from. As he pulled the sheet off the object, there was a life sized Louis Tomlinson wax figure in my room. "OMG!!!!!" I screamed. "Well if you don't like it I'll bring it back." My dad said, grabbing the sheet off of my bed. "NO!!! I love it!!! Dad take my picture next to it!!!" I was about to die. This day could not get better. When my dad was a bout to press the button, I thought I saw Louis blink. "Um dad?" I said, backing up nervously. "I t-think that L-Louis just b-blinked at me." I stuttered. I was scared because he blinked, I was excited! "It's okay Hun! Go stand next to it so I can take you picture!!" My dad cheered. When I leaned into Louis chest, I felt two arms snake around my waist. "Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!" I screamed. "Okay I will leave if you want me to." I heard a British voice say in my ear. I closed my eyes and turned around. As I opened them, there stood my idol, my husband, my everything. I leaned in to whisper in his ear, "Is this a dream?" "Nope." He whispered back, popping the 'p'. OMG.
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