Love rules

Olivia villa has always been the popular girl. Her parents are rich and love her. But when she meets a suspenders loving boy named Louis Tomlinson, she learns what true love is like. Please no hate this is my first movella!



I woke up in my bed. What happened? As I got up I heard laughing downstairs. Quickly I looked at myself. I was perfectly normal. As quietly as possible I ran down stairs. I heard more laughing and a very formilier voices. I walked into the kitchen to see fine of my heros standing there. All the memories came flooding back. I walked to the fridge and got some apple juice. Mmmmm I love apple juice. "I see you woke up love." My mom sai in a cheerful voice. "Yeah." I said not even looking at her. I was so mad. How could she take away my license, car, and choir. I stomped into the living room and plopped down on the couch. While flipping through channels, I looked at the clock. 9:38 a.m.!!!! I was knocked out for the whole night! "Olivia I'm sorry." It was mom again. I turned around an she was holding my test, phone, license, and car keys. "Okay mom I forgive you." I got up and walked over to her. Taking the things from her hands she started walking away. "Wait!" I yelled. She turned around and before she could say a word, I smothered her in a bear hug. "So I think you forgive me?" She said unsure if she was right. I heard the door open and close very quickly. "Man there is a lot of people out there today. It was Emily!!! "EMILYYYY!!!!!!!" I screamed and ran to her. "Hey how you feeling babes?" She asked. I didn't know what she ment until she pointed to my head. "Oh good luckily I was only out for a few hours." I was smiling wide but everyone around me was giving me questioning looks. Then Louis said, "Love, do you know what day it is?" "Isn't it Tuesday?" I asked, thinking I was right. "No it's Saturday." Liam said with an uneasy tone. WHAT!!!!!!!! I was having a panick attack inside. Then I realized something. I'm in the same room as One Direction, my best friend is by my side, and my dad is One Directions new manager. Wow I have a great life.
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