-- I shot my eyes closed and then opened them facing the mirror as if i was someone else. But no, it was really me, Cynthia. Since the accident that took away my adopting parents, my life changed. no, not for the worst, but for the best. i admit that this sort of "new me" brought me some troubles, but i am pleased with it, and fully satisfied for living at my other half's side, Niall.


25. you must be kidding me

Niall's pov:

Last night was the most beautiful night of my life, so far. Louis called me in the morning and woke me up. he said we had to go back to work today because the studio was fixed already. I dressed up and didn't wanted to wake Cynthia up so I just left her a note saying that I went for work and that i'll be home at 4. every thing was good...

                                                                         3 weeks later

it was finally time to go for our tour. Cynthia and I said our final goodbyes and the boys and I left for the other end of the world.

Cynthia had tears in her eyes . she was thinking of this long time ago. well, it's not like i'm going for ever and we'll stay on contact.

Cynthia's pov:

that was it. he left. I can't believe i'm not gonna see him in 6 months ! I should get used o it.


it has been 1 month since they left and I miss Niall like crazy. I wish I could see him and kiss him and hug him and never let go. but I can't. while I was thinking of it, my cell phone rang and it was Liam.

I answered surprised : "hello?'re coming home ?! that's great !...what??'re kidding me right?..." by that, I fell to the ground and Eli was right next to me and held me. she took the phone and spoke to liam . she didn't say a word but shut the phone off. it was about niall, he is in the hospital and god knows what happened to him he fell on stage while singing his solo in little things. Eli and i had to travel to them because Niall can't in his unknown situation. thanks god the trip took only like 2 to 3 hours. i was so worried and tears were in my eyes like the whole time. when we arrived to the hospital i saw liam. i ran to him asking him about Niall but he didn't know anything. we were forbidden to see Niall at the moment, but teh doctor taking care of his case came out of his room. i said i wanted to talk to him so he invited me to his office. he started with his introduction just like all the doctors... he was killing me. then he said : "he unfortunately has heart cancer, which is the rarest kind of cancers..." i started crying at the moment. but i controled myself at the end. "doc is there anyway he can survive?" i asked. "actually there is, but..."

"but what?" "well Ma'am, we can take off his heart and replace it with another man's that was freshly dead. but we have to wait until some one pass away with the exactly same blood type and blood Characteristics. "doctor, i have the same blood type, what if i do some tests and you replace y heart with hims." "ma'am i know the news was shocking but we cannot do that and you have to think about it and sign papers and a lot of other stuff..." "okay, i'll think about it and tommorrow i'll be back, i guess we can see him now?" "sure you can"

by that i left his office. i sat on the nearest bench and cried until my eyes drying. Niall was everything to me. i have no reason to live without him. i can't let him on the hope of machines and treatments. i saw Liam coming towards and asked me what the doctor and i talked inside. i told him. he was shocked. every one was later on when we told them and everyone cried a lot. i was the first to see him in the room. he was still sleeping. when he woke up, we told him what happened and that he'll have to face cancer, he cried at first but he was brave enough to face this hard reality. i told him about the solution the doctor told me about but didn't tell him that i'll be the one giving him my heart because he might refuse and this might not work anyways. i didn't even think about taking the blood tests because i was sure of my decision. the next day i went to the hospital and did my tests. 4 days later, test results are out. every thing was positive. our blood match. i talked to the doctor again and he after i had to convince him, he accepted my suggestion. he made me sign  some papers and Niall had to sign them too. i told the doc that i'll take the charge. i went to niall's room and told him that we found him a heart that they'll replace it with his. happiness couldn't fit him. nobody knew about my plan except for Eli. she tried to convince me not to, but nothing would change my mind. 

now was the night before the operation. that was it. my last day on earth. i thought about my whole life. how i meat niall, what we've passed through and this illness .

that's it. my last minutes of life. i'm going to the operation. i was scared. a lot. i was going to die. but it was for Niall.

Eli's pov

i can't believe it i let Cynthia do that. we sad our final goodbyes and cried a lot. 

1 hour later. the doctor was out of the operation room and said it was successful. every one was extremely happy, but me. they didn't knew that it was Cynthia's heart they took. Cynthia left me a flower basket with a note to give  it to niall when he wakes up. i took it and once we were allowed to see him, i gave it to him right the moment he asked for Cynthia.

Niall's pov:

the operation was successful. every one was around me except for cynthia. where was she. when i asked, ELi landed me a basket full of flowers and a note. She asked me toread it out loud.

"dear  niall,

if you're reading this, then you are safe and in good health. i wish you all the est in life, i really do. this is the last time you'll be reading anythinng from me. because now on, i don't live on this planet, i live in you. yes you, inside of you. my heart is now yours, every time you miss me think that i'm closer that i've ever been to you...all my love Cynthia xx"




AN: that was the last chapter of irresistible i hope you all like it :)

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