-- I shot my eyes closed and then opened them facing the mirror as if i was someone else. But no, it was really me, Cynthia. Since the accident that took away my adopting parents, my life changed. no, not for the worst, but for the best. i admit that this sort of "new me" brought me some troubles, but i am pleased with it, and fully satisfied for living at my other half's side, Niall.


22. what's wrong with you?

Cynthia's pov:

by 9:00 pm, everyone had left and it was me alex and mike left. i told them about my relation with niall and about my mum and my dangerous dad...every thing they missed. i missed selena so much. i don't know my i keep calling her by her name, it's alright, i'll get use to it. but i really miss her. i said to Alex and Mike that i wanted to go to wales and visit her. maybe i'll get the chance to bring her with me. i kept texting niall all night long. i missed him so much. i wanted to feel his body heat next to mine, i wanted him to give me my goodnight kiss like every night...but we couldn't. i told him that i was travelling to wales the next morning and he suggested giving me a ride to the airport. i wouldn't say no of course. the next day, i got up early to pack my things and get ready. Mike had prepared breakfast for me. "good morning" i greeted him "good morning !"  he replied. we sat and ate and chatted a bit. i didn't ask for Alex because i now she get up late. i heard Niall's car so i said goodbye and hugged Mike. i was so happy i'm going to mum. but, i was going there for at least a week and i was missing Niall already. i wanted him to go with me but he had work this week. they are recording a new song. when we arrived to the airport i was upset. i don't know if i can stand a week without him. "cynthia are you okay?" "yeah i'm fine babe" "but you don't look like you are, tell me what is it?"

"it's that i'm going for a week and i'll really miss.." "aww baby i'll miss you too ! but it's only for 1 week. besides we gotta start getting use to it. i mean, later on i'll have tours and i'll be leaving for at least a month."  he had a point but WHAT ! i forgot he had tours ! i just pretended to smile, but who am i kidding ? the one who knows me better than i know my self ? i burst into crying and he did know that i forgot about tour. he hugged me tight and told me that it's gonna be okay and that he'll talk to paul if i can go with them on tour. it felt better. we finally said our last goodbye, kissed then i left for wales.shit ! i forgot Eli ! it's okay, i'm sure she won't be mad at  me...

Eli's pov :

"i   am so mad at her !! she's leaving for a week and she doesn't even tell me ? ughhh"

"eli, umm..look"

"Niall don't try to find excuses. she could at least only tell me that she's leaving. i guess i'm not as important to her as i was before."

i can't believe it. is that what best friends are   about? i decided to go buy a magazine and read it. i went to the next library and bought the first magazine on the shelf without even looking at it. when i got home i saw the cover picture. it said : HARRY STYLES IN COUPLE ? 

and there was a picture of him with Chloe at the ball. i can't believe it ! now they made home in couple with that girl he doesn't even know just because he was talking to her at the ball ? but the worst thing is that on the pages of one direction, their was a picture of me and harry and they were saying, "on witch girl harry is cheating?" that made me even in a worst mood. i called him right away. he came to the room and i said nothing. i just showed him. 

"hun, don't worry these are just rumors you know paparazzi,"

"but that is so humiliating  for you ! on what girl is harry cheating ? seriously now ? "

"it's okay, i got used to this, in our next interview i'll clear everything up."  

." i just nodded. the door knocked. "i'll go and see" i suggested.

when i opened the door it was that Chloe. what was she doing here? didn't she got enough of all these rumors? "why you're here? oh let me wanted to get caught by paparazzi so they can announce that harry is cheating on you with me?" 

"no no, it's not that ! can i come in first? "

i thaught about it a little then agreed.

"i'm here for one reason. i just wanna say sorry for doing what  i'v done."

"yeah and now what ? our photos are all over the magazines"

" i have an interview tonight about a new movie, they'll surely ask me about it and i'll tell the hole truth"

" promise? "


and she did so. she confessed. the next day she came again. 

"hey Eli! "

"hii whats up ?"

"um, i just wondered if we could hangout more. i really wanna be your friend. "

"yeah why not"

"so...what about shopping ? i'v got a really important interview next week and  i have no idea what to wear !" she really meant it. entrusting a girl with your shopping is not something you let anyone to.

"then jump in my car cause we've got a long day of shopping."

we both laughed. the ride was amazing. we sang and  went crazy. it was still 9:00 am and neither of us had breakfast so we stopped at the bakery Harry used to work in before one direction. we had breakfast there then went to every single shop in the city and bought every single cute outfit we found.

Niall ' s pov"

after i gave cynthia a ride to the air port, i went to harry and hang out. 

"hey bro."

"hi niall. come in . i'm preparing breakfast"

"i know this may sound crazy but na, i'm not hungry"

"you're what? did you had a burger meal for b.f niall??"

"of course not ! i ate bacon and eggs. but mum prepared those and she makes the tastiest bacon and eggs on the planet."

"are you telling me that these are better than those?"

he pointed to a pile of pan cakes on the table with syrup on top and a butter square. they looked really delicious and i was really full. so not fair !

"although they look delicious i'm full,thanks anyway"

"anytime "

"um by the way where's eli?"

"she went with Chloe shopping this mornin"

"Chloe? That girl at the ball and in the magazine?"

"yeah, she told me they're friends now. i don't know how that happened so fast but.."

"hey btw , why isn't she answering any of cynthia's phone calls?"

"i don't know mate. but Eli is so mad at Cynthia because she left without saying goodbye or even telling her that she was leaving for a whole week. she's right, i would have reacted the same way if my best friend does that to me."

"wait are you saying that she's replacing cynthia with chloe???"

i was shocked. it's very obvious that she is. Cynthia had to know what was going on. i'll call her when i'll be back home"

"well, i never said that."

"but harry it's pretty obvious what she's doing! "

"look Niall, Eli's not gonna stay home for a whole week until Cynthia comes back from wales. she can go have some fun..."

"i never said she couldn't but, i don't know, i'm really confused..."

"well, i don't blame you...hey we didn't talk to louis since the ball. it's not that they're in their honey moon or something.."

"oh yeah about that, when you were taking the pizza from the delivery guy last time, Cynthia called him but they didn't spoke cause El and him were in the middle of something."

"ohh i see, but i think we should call him now"

"what about the three of us go have lunch somewhere today."

"yeah nice idea i'll go call louis" he said while leaving the living room to go grab his phone. 

it has been 3 days since Cynthia left and Eli is changing. i'm really worried. Why would Eli hang up the phone or ignore every time cynthia calls her? she obviously so mad at her. thinking of cynthia, my phone rang and it was her.

"hey baby girl how you doin'?? "

"hi niall, look Eli is still not answering and i'm really worried about her. could you ask Harry about her please?"

omg, how was i supposed to tell her? but i had to. it was her right to know."

"um, actually i'm at harry's place now and Eli isn't here..."

"oh, did he mention where she went?

"yes, you remember that chloe from the ball and the magazine?"


"she went shopping with her this morning and they are spending the day together."


i don't get it what is wrong with shopping with all these girls.

she didn't say a single word after that.

"babe, are you okay?"

still no answer, but she was on the phone with me. i know what means when she's silent on the phone.  she was crying. i wish i was near her right now to hug her and tell her that everything was okay. but i couldn't. or could i? 

"baby don't worry, i'm coming"

"you're what? you have work.."

"i don't care about work. today and tomorrow we're off. i'm coming"

when i was saying i'm coming harry was entering the room. 

"going where?"

"to wales"

"to where?"

"wales, ever heard of it, i'm leaving now, sorry if i'm not gonna join you for lunch"

"but, we have work..."

"forget about it Harry. my girl friend's broken and i wanna be next to her supporting. besides we're off for two days. "

i didn't even let him say anything. i just left the house and went to the airport liek crazy. in 1 hour i was knocking her mother's door. she opened it and hugged me like it has been a year since she left. i missed too alot, but in her hug was besides missing, their was sadness, hopeless and weakness. i came inside and wanted to greet her mum, but she wasn't home. she was out for work. i took her to her bed room and laid her on it then slept next to her. she rested her head on my chest and i played with her hair. i know how much she loved this. my t-shirt was all wet of her crying, but it's okay. we said nothing. i let her cry until she let all her sadness out and fell asleep. 

Eli's pov"

"you know, you are so much fun !"

"hahaha thanks you are too"

"i think we should hang out more.."

"yeah of course, now let's go to nearest restaurant cause i'm starving"

my phone rang. it was niall. I'm all okay talking to niall but i'v been ignoring cynthia's calls. 

"hello? ...yeah hi niall whats up?, look could we talk about that later, i'm a bit busy,bye!

Niall's pov:

i called Eli while cynthia was in the bathroom but she didn't talk to me well.  

"had a shower?"


"come sit here...i wanna talk to you' she did as i asked her to.

"if you ever loose your best friend what would you do ?"

" just put it on your self"

"i would but a guy's best friend is different than a girl's"

"well, it will feel like i'll be lonely for ever. a good friend is someone who knows all your memories, but a best friend has lived them with if you loose your best friend it'll be like loosing your memories without loosing them"

what? loosing my memories without loosing them? what is she talking about? i looked at her telling her i didn't get a word she said.

"listen niall, i know you don't get me but, believe me , it's hard. a best friend is not made in a day or too, but demands an entire childhood and his/her presence during all your teen age period. it's someone you're sure of their presence when you're in trouble, cause you'll be into it together."

"can they forgive you for a dumb mistake you've done?"

"if they are true friends, then yes, they will."

with that i gave her a big hug. her definition to best friend was so mysterious but 100% true. i will not let Eli brake her. no matter how or who it would cost me to loose.

Harry's pov:

the whole week passed, i didn't get any private moment with Eli. she was the whole time hanging around with her new friend but acting like best friends. it's not that i don't want her to be friend with Chloe or anything, but i miss her and she's taking her away from me. i miss Cynthia too. she's a better friend to Eli. at least she knew her limits between Eli and i. Chloe wanna come where ever we're going. i wanted some privacy with my girl friend.

Niall was still in wales because they informed us that recording the song is gonna be in two weeks due to a damage in the studio. i wanted to talk with Eli about our time together, but i never had the chance. when we're finally alone all she does is telling me about her day then falling asleep. thank goodness Cynthia is coming back today. i don't believe that Eli is replacing Cynthia with Chloe. it can't be. they're best friends. Niall and cynthia's plane arrives here in few hours. i called niall to tell him that Liam and i 're gonna be there to pick them up. then i decided to call every one and invite them to have lunch all together. i told Eli and she was picking her cell phone to call Chloe about having lunch together. "what are you doing eli ?"

"i'm calling Chloe to tell her to join us today"

"no Eli, don't. it's about me you, the boys, Eleanor, Niall and Cynthia.only. she's not a part of us."

"well, if you won't let me invite Chloe i'm not going."

"why wouldn't you ?"

"because. i don't want to okay? '
"eli, think about that twice...i know what's wrong with you and you can't leave all these years together behind and walk away."

"okay let me think about it again"

she went silent for 2 seconds then said: "  yeah i thought about it and no..."

"i can't oblige you do anything but all i can tell you that you're enlarging things.."

"thanks for your advice, but i don't need it and i know my own goodness better than you do" she replied sarcastically. what was wrong with her. she was never mean to me. or to anyone!

i decided to ignore what she said and pretend i heard nothing.

"are you gonna leave the room now or what? i need sometime alone."

what the heck was wrong with her ?! she never acted like that. i wanted to say every possible thing was going through my mind but that would be mean too. so i counted to ten before i said anything then left the room. i called the boys and told them to meet me at my place then told them about today's plan. they were luckily all free. it was time. they were all at my house already. we went to the airport in two cars since we weren't gonna fit in one car with cynthia and niall. they asked me about Eli but i told she was sick. even tired wouldn't be a good lie because a girl would do anything to go meet her best friend after 1 week.   

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