-- I shot my eyes closed and then opened them facing the mirror as if i was someone else. But no, it was really me, Cynthia. Since the accident that took away my adopting parents, my life changed. no, not for the worst, but for the best. i admit that this sort of "new me" brought me some troubles, but i am pleased with it, and fully satisfied for living at my other half's side, Niall.


21. welcome back !

cynthia's pov:

i woke up as lazy as a sloth and i was on the couch. i stretched my arms and hit niall next to me. with that he woke up also. "morning babe" he said. " morning" i replied with deep sleepy voice. i looked at my watch and it was 11:00 . i opened my eyes wide and my mouth dropped. "Niall we've got 10 minutes to eat, dress up and arrive to Mike and Alex''s place !" "what !? that's crazy ! to arrive to their place in 10 min means we should leave now !! " "ugh okay then i'll grab anything from the fridge while you go start the car" "but, cynthia, we're still in our pjms..." "who cares ! come on if we don't leave now we'll never have time to clean the house and design some things" "okay then i'll go..." and by that i was bringing him out of the house to start the car. their wasn't any time for chatting. i went and grabbed two apples and got out to the car. i lent him the apple and he looked at it like waiting for something else. "so you want me to have this for breakfast ?" "niall !! their is no time for any bacon or eggs or pancakes...just eat it !" this situation was really weird. niall got a text meassage and it was from Maura. *hey son ! i want to inform you that we're gonna be late like 2 to 3 hours.*that's relief. can we stop to eat something now?" "okay sure, but only for 10 minutes."

he parked the car in front of a bakery and went to buy some croissants. but when he opened the door of the car he closed it back and sat again. "you know i can't come in in pjms to the shop right?"  i started laughing. then i said " their is a number on the door for the delivery, we'll just order when we arrive" and i wrote the number. when we arrived, the house was a mess. dust was covering the whole place ! we had a lot to do. it seemed like niall didn't even notice all the work we had to do cause he went straight to order these croissants. when he hang up i have already prepared a bucket full of water and soap, a wiper and a brush. i gave him the easy mission. "niall you'll broom the house and then i'll swipe." after that we'll have our breakfast"

"what? we can't work without any energy, we have to eat first"

"okay, only if they arrive in 5...4..3.."

*KNOCK KNOCK* omg i can't believe they arrived in 3 seconds ! i didn't expected that. "WOUHOU!" he shouted running towards the door. we ate in 15 min then started right after it working. Niall broomed the house pretty well, then came my turn to wipe and clean the windows.

Niall's pov:

i was satisfied of my work but it was too boring. so i decided to have a little fun. cynthia was cleaning the windows and right next to her was bucket full of water and soap and on top of it was soap balloons. i took some with mu hand and threw it on cynthia. her hand stopped moving on the window, she froze. then she started slowly turning to face me. at this moment she seemed so serious " NIALL JAMES HORAN...YOU DIDN'T "

"i guess i did, i said with trembling voice with a smile. then she took bubbles and threw it back on me. then i shouted : " BUBBLE FIIIIGHT !" i took the bucket and ran through the house hearing cynthia from behind " oh you are gonna regret this so much !" but i couldn't stop laughing. then i lost her. she wasn't behind me anymore. i stopped looking for her when water fell on my head. i guess the neighbors heard her laughing, but i still had my  bucket. 30 minutes flew away fighting with soap and water when finally she fell on the couch and i fell on top her then we went into a deep kiss. the house  was a total mess again. water and soap were covering the floor and furniture.

when we realized what happened she said. "calling eli is still an option you know..." "oh maybe we're gonna need harry also. we called them and couple of minutes later they were on the door because we said it was an emergency. when they saw the house that way their mouth dropped. then we divided the work. and by 1 hour everything was all done. 

"thanks for the help guys!" i said

"their is no problem !" harry replied. we insisted on them to stay but they didn't accept. they saaid it was a family reunion and they had nothing to do although cynthia and i considered them as a part of the family. anyways, when they left we sat on the couch in the living room to rest after this hard work. she was hugging me fand resting her head on my chest and i was resting mine on hers. what we didn't notice is the sound of the horan's car. they came and entered the house while we were in this position. they were surprised, they didn't knew about me and her. we both jumped embarrassed with red faces then went to say hi. they all pretended as they didn't notice but i saw Alex winking cynthia and mum giving her a smile. not a usual one, but u know...

Greg's  the only one that didn't pretended of anything. he took me to the kitchen

"hey bro, how was that family reunion?"

"yeah good.." he said really quick " what is going on between you two?"

"well...we're dating, she's an awesome girl and i love her and she loves me."

"now tell me, what happened while we weren't here?"

"ohh a lot"

" Niall ?"

i can't believe how dirty minded he is. i didn't mean that kind of stuff !

"no no no ! greg, not what your thinking about"

he looked gave me that look he always give me since we were little so i tell him the truth.

"maybe just a little, but not all you're thinking about !"

"that's my bro !" 

"now let's go back to the living room before any body notices."

"any body notices? niall every body noticed every thing."

i went all red then walked with him to the room. 

cynthia and alex weren't there. they most be talking about the same thing greg and i  talked about. 

i wasn't too happy of their coming. i mean, i'm happy because i'm seeing them again but not because we'll have to live apart again. i didn't know what to do. i don't wanna wake up every morning facing the walls or my closet again. i wanna see her when i open my eyes. 

Cynthia' pov:

Alex took me to my bedroom and sat on the bed. i know what she wanted. she wanted to talk about me and niall. 

"so tell me. when did this happen ?"

"umm i don't exactly remember, but like 2 or 3 days after your travelling."

"and, is everything ok? did you face any problems?"

when she said that, every moment together flashed in my mind. when liam and i got kidnapped, when i went to meet my parents and niall went to the hospital... just every thing 

"cynthia, you still here or on a cloud?" she woke me up of my day dream

"oh, yes yes, every thing was fine."

she also asked if any thing happened between us and i answered her shyly. 

i had to tell her about my parents. she is now taking care of me and she had to know. i can't stay with her and Mike if i found my parents. 

" Alex, when you were gone, Niall and i searched for my parents, and we found them"

"really ? how ?"

"it's along story, i'll tell you later. the most important thing is that...i'm really thankful for everything you did to me and for all your kindness, but i think i have to go live with my mum."

"cynthia, you know that this is your house now and you don't have to thank me for anything. and if you want to live your mum she can come live with us, we're all a family now!"

"i know that, but, i don't think she'll accept because she barely knows you. in fact she doesn't know you at all."

"we'll think about that later, now let's go down stairs.


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