-- I shot my eyes closed and then opened them facing the mirror as if i was someone else. But no, it was really me, Cynthia. Since the accident that took away my adopting parents, my life changed. no, not for the worst, but for the best. i admit that this sort of "new me" brought me some troubles, but i am pleased with it, and fully satisfied for living at my other half's side, Niall.


17. trouble

Finally, it’s the last dance where you get to change your partner and of course I’ll be dancing with Cynthia. i took her hand softly and guided her to the middle of the ball room. We were both looking right in each other’s eyes not as I was dancing with Perrie .Zayn’s eyes were following us in every move, every step. Now it was getting serious, first he took her away from me all the night and I accepted. Now he’s staring at us like he stares at himself in the mirror…witch was a bad sign. Cynthia noticed also and she was getting nervous. Not again. She was seriously not doing this again. When it happened with Liam, I barely forgave her because she said she didn’t wanted to ruin our friendship…but now what? She doesn’t want to again?

I couldn’t bare it , I turned red of anger and my hands were shaking by the time. Cynthia noticed me and asked: “Niall…babe what’s wrong?”

 I replied:

“What’s wrong? Everything’s wrong.” My hands were closing at her hands so tightly that she let out a slight moan of pain than look me in the eye with a sort of surprise and then replied:

“Niall…you’re hurting me! What’s wrong with you?”

“come on Cynthia, we’ve got nothing to do here anymore”

I pulled her still tightly and took her out of the room, called a cab and got back home. Everything happened so fast. The whole way home she didn’t say a word, neither did i. She knew I wasn’t fine, she knows me better than I know myself anyway. Once we arrived, we went straight to the bed room, and sat on the bed. Every time we’re about to start a fight we sit in this position. Why she would sit like that right now, I didn’t tell her anything yet …oh I’m sure she knew about Zayn…

Cynthia: “so…tell me, what’s wrong?”

Me : “oh you’re the one who should tell me what’s wrong… what’s happening Cynthia? Come on, you’ve got to tell me everything from the beginning till the end.”

Cynthia: “about what?”

Me: “don’t try to be that poor girl that doesn’t know anything every time… what happened with Zayn on the practicing?”

Cynthia: “I swear to god nothing happened! His actions suddenly started getting weird this last week.”

Me:: “so you noticed his actions and AGAIN you didn’t tell me anything about it ! Is that so hard ?? if you need a reminder, I’m your boyfriend Cynthia”

Cynthia: “first no I don’t need one, second what did you wanted me to tell you?? Hey Niall !your best friend Zayn now loves me ! and plus we’re not sure about it…he never said anything to me.”

Me: “but eyes and looks speak louder than any words”

Cynthia :” and what if I tell you what you wanted me to and he doesn’t considers me more than a friend that tried to help him improving his dancing ? Think about it Niall…

Me: “ are you seriously telling me that shit ? “

Cynthia: “so you think that is shit? You don’t even have the right to say a word to me Niall! Millions of girls are in love with you and would die for you every day and you are here…look I don’t know what to say to you anymore. You don’t know that feeling, you don’t know how these girls hate me from the bottom of their hearts. Of course not all of them but a good part of them.”

Niall:” well I don’t even know these girls, I love them too because they love me that much I love them but not in love with them Cynthia. Plus they are not my best friends !!”

Cynthia:” Niall you don’t have the right to argue with me in that thing. I said what I wanted to say anyway…if you ever wanted to talk to me I’ll be at MY house.”

I was shocked. I never wanted to go this far. I couldn’t do a single thing! I wanted her to stay so badly but I couldn’t let her stay. I watched her leaving. :”Cynthia…” she looked back, tears were filling her eyes so did mine. We both didn’t wanted this to happen. She said nothing and continued her walking.

Harry’s point of view:

Eli and I saw what happened at the ball so we followed their cab. We lost it at some place so we went to Niall’s house. By the time we were going to knock the door it opened by itself…but then we knew it was Cynthia leaving. She was crying. She didn’t say a word to us she just looked disappointed and left. Why was she leaving at this time?  Eli and I looked at each other wondering and guessing the reason…Zayn. Then Eli said to me:” don’t let her take a cab alone ! give her a drive home while I talk with Niall and know what’s the problem.” I nodded. Than called Cynthia shouting so she can hear me. She turned back and saw me then she faked a smile and came closer to me.

Cynthia:” hi Harry! “ she said with a shaking voice.

Me: “ hi! why don’t you come with me and I’ll give you a ride home  Cynthia:” oh thank you but actually I was taking a cab “

Me: “I won’t let you take a cab in the middle of the night alone“

Cynthia: ”fine” she said and smiled. But I think it was a real smile this time. I wasn’t waiting for Eli to come back from Niall’s place so I know what was going on, so I asked Cynthia although I was sure that it was about Zayn.

Me: “so…tell me what’s wrong between you two?”

Cynthia:” everything”

By this word she was now bursting into tears. the hole ride was silent and sometimes Cynthia's crying was heard.

Me: " are you gonna tell me what happened" by that time I was parking my car,

Cynthia: "yes of course, but not here " she said with a smile

we entered her house,, it was sort of  big and cosy .

Me : "so..?"

Cynthia : "remember when liam used to love me? well when niall knew about it he got very angry and we were about to get into a big fight because of it...well we did fighted but not that much cause I explaned to him every thing."


Me: "I still don't get it why you broke up now ??"

Cynthia: " this whole thing is happening now but with zayn

When she told me this, I felt fire inside of me, turned red.

What I was afraid of happened, and Zayn won’t be happy. He knows how sensible Niall is and he does that? If Zayn was in front of me now I would punch him in the face!

Me:” Cynthia, you and Niall’s love is bigger than anything.  Every thing will get back to normal, I promise. By the time we were sitting on the couch, she crying on my chest. She was really hurt. She has the right to cause what Niall did is also wrong, it’s not her fault and zayn didn’t tell her anything. I felt really bad for her. While crying she fell asleep so I carried her to her bed room and placed her on the bed then covered her with a blanket. I didn’t wanted to leave her alone so I stayed at her house and slept on the couch. But before I slept I sent a message to Eli: *hey baby girl, I won’t be back home this night cause I’m staying with Cynthia if she needed something, she seems really bad. You come also you might comfort her better than I do… I mean…you’re her best friend*

Message from Eli : * okay babe ! I’ll stay here with niall, he’s depressed too*



A.N: I’m sorry this chapter was a bit short but they’ll be more soon ;)

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