-- I shot my eyes closed and then opened them facing the mirror as if i was someone else. But no, it was really me, Cynthia. Since the accident that took away my adopting parents, my life changed. no, not for the worst, but for the best. i admit that this sort of "new me" brought me some troubles, but i am pleased with it, and fully satisfied for living at my other half's side, Niall.


11. the research

cynthia's pov:

we mooved to the living room and ordered some food, than we ate while waching tv. Niall started to switch chanels until he arrived to a chanel showing orphan children. at that moment tears formed in my eyes than it streamed down my face.

Niall's pov:

i couldn't stand seeing her crying so i sat next to her  then hugged her, trying to make her stop crying. after this, i guided her to my room placed her on my bed. i sat next to her until i though she fell asleep.but when i tryed to get out of the room, she helded my hand and said: " don't go, stay with me" and how could i refuse this? " so you don't mind me sleeping next to you?" i asked even if i knew the answer. and why would i mind ? she said smiling. now or later this will happen right?" i just smiled and nodded then changed into pyjamas then went to bed. she lent on my chest and as soon, she fell asleep and i was next.

cynthia's pov:

i never slept as well as last night. i felt secure. the next morning, Niall wasn't next to me. i smelled something good, so i went down to the kitchen and found niall cooking breakfast. " morning lovely girl !" he greated me with a smile. "morning babe, i smiled back and got closer to him. "so...what are you planning for us to do today?"i asked curiously. "oh, that's what i was gonna talk to you about...but go change first" i nodded happily and did as he asked me to. i was in a good mood this day. i put on pink shorts with a lighter pink top and my pink converse. i know, pinky today right? well, i needed to express my happiness in a way or another. i arranged nicely my hair and put some eye liner and mascara then i went downstaires. breakfast was ready. we both sat and ate.while we were having our meal, i asked him :" was about to tell me what are we gonna do today.." "Oh, yeah we're gonna get a bit tiered,cz we're searching for your parents..." oh my sweet little Niall!! i standed on my toes and hugged him arround the neck. a tear escaped my eye. a happy one. 'so where do we start from? " i asked excited." first we are going to the mayor of your town, he must know every thing about every one right?" "good thinking !" i replied. we got to the car  and arrived to the place in no more than 10 mintutes. once we arrived, we asked him about my self, if he knew i was adopted or anything else. at this moment, anything could help. so he gave us the name and the center i was adopted from.  that was a good info. when we got back to the car Niall said: "i'm sure at the center they know every thing !" "let's hope so.." i answered. the center was a bit far but we made it in 15 min. before we get in, i was scared and niall noticed it, so he held my hand. first we went to the reception. there was a young women behind a computer and a desk. we asked her and told her all the information i knew about my self although they weren't alot. she typed some stuff on her computer then looked sorry at us and shook her head. but then she said " there might be someone who could help with this...there is one older woman in the next floor who i think was working in that time" she wrote on a sheep of paper where her office was and handed it to me. we thanked her and went quikly to where was indicated in the paper. we knocked the door and weak voice answered "come in" so we did. there was an old woman smiling behind her desk with some papers in her hands. "how can i help you kids?" she asked. so we told her every thing. "oh, i remeber that night of 27 october..." no way ! that's my birthday date! Niall looked at me in the eye and held my hand. "... a couple came to the center with a baby in the girl's hand . they wanted to keep it in the center. the girl was about 16 years and the boy about to reach his 17 year old. they said this was a baby girl and they named it cynthia but they wanted to keep it here until they get married and then come back for her because they couldn't tell their parents about her. but accually, they never did. and one day, when cynthia was 3 year old, a married couple came and wanted to adopt her, and they was no excuse to refuse sinse your parents my dear never came back..." tears were already formed in my eyes...niall turned to me and hugged me tightly then he spoke to the lady again " do you know any thing about them?" "all I can tell you is that Selena is her mum and Edward KAZAN is her father. I also know they  live somewhere In this village in wales” and handed us a paper where an address was written. WAIT, WHAT!? WALES?? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GO TO WALES?? Then Niall interrupted my thoughts and suggested: “can you give us a paper or something to prove to who ever asked that we are searching for her real parents and in case we found them, that she is really their daughter? The women nodded and handed us another paper. After that, we thanked the lady and went. “I guess our next station is the air port??” Niall asked. I nodded with tears forming in my eyes. “oh sweetie…don’t cry, we’ll find them and I’m sure they have a good explanation for that.” I just nodded again than he kissed me softly on the lips to calm me down. That always works.  “but first, we’ll have to go back home to eat something, prepare our luggage and tell the boys.” “ok…” I just answered.

Niall’s pov:

Poor little angel! That is too much! This is just drama, but I’m always here to cheer her up. When we got to my house we ordered some pizza than phoned the guys and Eli. I sat on the sofa right  next to my girl and put my arm around her shoulders. “you know what ever happened I’ll always be here for you.” “and in case you didn’t noticed, I can’t live without you” she answered on what i said first. i kissed her but that kiss was so warm and full of true love. It lasted for 30 sec. good right? Then the doorbell rang. The boys came and Eli too, then our pizzas. “so…I see it’s working on between you two ha?” I whispered and winked at Eli. Oh yeah…pretty much…I moved in to his apartment.” you what??”seriously? why you didn’t tell us ?” “Bcz that just happened yesterday…” “oh, and how did you spent your first night together?” I winked at her “oh... you can guess” she winked back… we all sat in the living room and ate some pizza then Cynthia and I announced them the news. They all wished us  good luck except for Liam. I don’t know what’s wrong with this guy. He’s never happy for me and Cynthia. The, she went to the kitchen to bring some soda and Liam followed. I couldn’t stand but go behind them. I know, too curious, but I needed to know what was going  on. I just standed behind the door and gave all my attention to what they were chatting and every second I landed my head to see what was happening. Cynthia: “Liam what’s wrong? Why you’re sad?” 

Liam: “why am I sad?!  Seriously you’re asking cynthia? You are going to Wales with my best friend and I won’t be able to see you for at least 1 week. And who knows…maybe more…”

Cynthia: “ what are you trying to tell me Liam? “

Liam: “ I’m trying to tell you that you still in my mind and I can’t let you out…I love you Cynthia…”

WHAT THE HELL?! Liam loves Cynthia? I cannot believe what I just heard. I couldn’t resist and in the                                 moment I wanted to step in liam placed his hand on MY girl’s face then moved it to behind her neck. But before he got the chance to kiss her or anything, I shouted : “what the Hell do you think yourself doing Liam?” obviously, I surprised them both. Liam opened widely his eyes in shock and Cynthia’s were full of water. Liam didn’t knew what to answer but saying : “ I’m sorry bro, but I’m just trying to be honest… Cynthia: “but Liam, you promised me…” oh great! Cynthia knew too but she did not tell me ! Liam: “ well Cynthia , the heart doesn’t understand any promises. I felt like an idiot standing right there doing nothing so I just took Cynthia’s hand and went to the room to take our luggage and said : “bye guys, we’re leaving” then shot the door roughly behind me and got to the car.


hey guys ! thx for reading it really means to me...tell mmente what you think in the comment ! :)

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