-- I shot my eyes closed and then opened them facing the mirror as if i was someone else. But no, it was really me, Cynthia. Since the accident that took away my adopting parents, my life changed. no, not for the worst, but for the best. i admit that this sort of "new me" brought me some troubles, but i am pleased with it, and fully satisfied for living at my other half's side, Niall.


24. moving

Niall's pov: i let the girls stay aloneand talk to fix things up. than Cynthia came to the room and asked me if we can go search again and if eli can come with us. " but...i thought you liked that house we saw, i liked it too you know..." "yes niall, i like it but it is too expensive ! we can find a nice one but at least a vit cheaper." "honey, don't worry about that... i have the amount that we need." " but babe one day we'll need it for something more important. " i just gave her a smile and told her and Eli to meet me in the car. i know how much she like that house but she don't want me to pay that much. i drove to that home' s adress and told them to wait for me in the car. i talk to the owner and baught it right away. when i got back to the car cynthia said: " so ? what did you do? " i said nothing. i just showed her the keys the owner just gave me. she looked at it with wide eyes then said : " niall why did you do that ??" but she was smiling. she was happy and that's all i want. : "because i know how much you wanted it and me too so why waist it ? " she gave me a hug and whispered: "i love you" "i love you too" i said. the house was all empty so we had to go to the gallery and but new funiture. i have the crazyest girlfriend of all time. she didn't agree but pay for the furniture! like all the house furniture ! it almost cost the house's prize. in 3 days, our home was all ready. painted, cleaned, and we were ready to move in. it was a big step. now we have our own home. just like married couple. speaking of marriage, i wanted her to be my wife and i wanted to propose to her. but we're still young. like really young. and right now must be the worst time to get married. between my tours and work and fans and all, i'm not ready to leave my wife alone for 6 months or a year. so i thought i had to wait. it was our first night together. i was extremly excited. Cynthia's pov:

that's it. we moved. i was so excited ! our first night. this is special. we had a romantic dinner. i'v prepared the food and niall has set the table. he placed two red candles and some rose petals. it was perfect. when we finished he came to me and pulled me into a deep kiss. his hands were on my waist and mine behind his neck. "why don't we go to our bed room and make our selfs more comforable." he suggested. i agreed. i knew what he wanted but i had no idea what to do. once there, i laid on the bed and he.came on top of me our face milli meters away. we just stared into eatch others eyes for a few.moments then i said : " before it happens, promise me you'll never leave, you'll never dump me..." "i promise...and don't ever think i can do something like that." by those words, i let my self go and decided to have fun tonight, feel his love. do i really have to tell you every thing ? well it happened. it was beautiful, magical. when every thing was over, we were facing each other and hugging. i couldn't take my eyes off of his. neither him. i knew he's the one i.wanted to continue my life with. i wonder if he does too. my virginity is the most precious thing to me. if he ever dump me...i'm like...toasted. let's nit think about negatives always. it was the most beautiful night of my life. i couldn't ask for anything else. i wanted to think about the future. our future. what's gonna happen next? thinking about your future is really hard. there are always the positives and the negatives. and the sentence always starts with "what if" while thinking of all the crazy stuff, i fell asleep. Eli's pov: i.was in bed getting ready to sleep and harry was not here yet. where was he ? he had work tr next day for the next album. when i wanted to get up he came in to the room with only his boxers on and drying his hair with towel. he looked so sexy. he saw me staring at him. he threw me a smile wich  turned me on more than i was. i bit my bottom lip gently and didn't take off my eyes of him. i wanted him. so bad. i saw the desire in his eyes. they got darker. he threw his towel nit caring if it hit something or where it landed, but he came, still can't braking the eye contact with a half evil smile on his face. he laid on top of me than plugged his hand in my hair and said calmly and slowly : " caught you staring me, can i help you with anything ?" i turned red then replied : "actually you can." he looked at me once again but this time it was agressive. he pulled me into a deep long french kiss. our thongs met and fought for dominance. i let him won but not quickly. as he explored my mouth my hands were on his abs, feeling every bit of it while his were on the bottom of my pjm top ready to remove it. step by step, i was lying in bed, in only my panties. we remained in our bottom underwear, both of us. he took off mine and i took of his...believe me, you don't wanna know what happened next.

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