-- I shot my eyes closed and then opened them facing the mirror as if i was someone else. But no, it was really me, Cynthia. Since the accident that took away my adopting parents, my life changed. no, not for the worst, but for the best. i admit that this sort of "new me" brought me some troubles, but i am pleased with it, and fully satisfied for living at my other half's side, Niall.


23. i'm sorry

harry's pov:

Wow, now i'm really worried about Eli. how has she changed so fast. Maybe it's just that hormone thing. but we've been together since a long time and she never acted that way. i was sitting in the living room when the boys came. Perrie was also with them. That was weird. 

Louis: " hello mate ! it's nice to see you ! been a long time..."

           "hey ! yeah been a long time we didn't hang out. well, we'll catch up today at lunch"

Liam : "where's Eli, is she ready? we have to leave  now so we don't be late"

"um, Eli's

not coming. don't ask me why, i'll tell later, we should go now"

maybe they thought it was a sickness or something because cynthia is Eli' s best friend. i don't even know if i should say IS or WAS her best friend. 

When we arrived to the airport, they weren't there yet although we were late. we had to wait for them , so we all sat on a bench and a small chat until they came. few minutes later, they showed up and Selena was with them too. i thought she came with us last time...

when we got to them we all hugged them and stuff... then Zayn said to Selena : i thought you moved to live with cynthia, why did you went back to wales?"

Selena: "you know, you can't feel home unless you're at your own house..."

cynthia looked at her mum and raised one eye brown. man she scares when she does that. then selena giggled. 

"i was kidding, but really i missed my house in wales and i wanted to go back a bit..."

cynthia was looking here and there. she was surely trying to find Eli, hoping she was in toilet or somewhere. Cynthia: "um, guys, is Eli with you?"

Liam: "no, she couldn't come..." she wasn't surprised. she just looked at the ground and Niall held her hand. 

Eleanor : "shall we go? i'm starving"

"sure we do ! " i replied then we all laughed and went to a restaurant. Cynthia didn't say a word the whole ride neither did niall, and that was really strange. when we arrived i had sat next to cynthia because i had to tell her everything. " hey, you know, Eli is really upset." Niall didn't seem to like what i was saying. but i need to tell her. she looked at me with a poker face but eyes half full of water. she was holding back her tears. " i know you are too, but think about what you've done, it's not easy. i'm not saying what Eli did was right, but you was wrong first..."

she didn't let me finish but she she stood up looked at me like i'v killed someone and she ran to the exit. niall looked at me the same way and followed her. i felt really guilty but i had to say it !

Niall's pov :

what was wrong with harry !? he didn't have to say that ! i saw cynthia sitting on  a bench in the park just across the road. i went and sat next to her. after few minutes of silence she said:

" why are you here? go have fun with your friends!" "what are you talking about cynthia?"

she looked at me with tears in her eyes but she didn't want to cry. i didn't answer cause we both know she didn't meant what she was saying. i just held her close to my chest and said: "let it out, you'll fell better." she cried silently, i only knew because my shirt was all wet. 

"let's go home." i said. she nodded. her tears dried on her cheeks. "wait for me in the car, i'll be right back i just forgot my jacket in the restaurant. she did as i said and i went back in.

Louis: "were have you been ? we got worried."

" Cynthia and i are going back home. she doesn't feel really well."

i took my jacket and drove her home. i wanted to leave but Alex insisted that i stay. 

" Alex, i want to go and live cynthia, just the two of us."

"well, that's a big step, but do you have a house or you're gonna rent one ?" cynthia was upstairs,she was taking a shower. "actually, i'v been keeping some money and they are probably enough for a nice house. 

"um, did you talk to cynthia and your parents?" 

"i don't think she'll have a problem with it, but i did not spoke to my parents yet."

"then before you take any decision, you know you have to ask them, and most importantly, don't promise her any thing before you are 100 % sure you can do it."

i nodded. "when cynthia will get out of the shower i'm gonna tell her about my plan..."

"that's the right thing to do son, "  she finally said

we sat on the sofa in the living room and chatted a bit. then cynthia came all fresh. 

Alex: "cynthia, niall wanna talk to you" and she looked at me...

.i went with Cynthia to her bed room and sat next to her. i was nervous. i shpuldn't be. i know she was going yo agree so i don't exactly know why Alex is making this too oficial. anyway, i said : " cybrhia, you know, i really love you, and since my parents and Alex are back, we can't stay together. but i really want to. so how about we go, find a nice house, buy it and mive there tigether." i said it with no worries. cynthia's smile grew in her face and then she replied : " i would love to ! but why are you making it so official? we used to live together :p" " IKR ??" i replied. but now i had parents first. "but before, i have to.ask my parents and alex totally agreed." she nodded. we went to my house to parents because we did.n't want to waist any time. mum and dad agreed happily. after that, we went for a lovely house. Eli's pov: i bet they are having the time of their lifes now while i am sitting right here fucking nothing. i had turned off my phone because i wanted some time alone. few minutes later i heard the door open. it must be Harry. usually when he come from work or any place i run and give him a hug. but i didn't. he came up to me and saw me just like he left me on the bed. "how was ur lunch ? had fun without me ? " he didn 't say any rude reply. he just sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me. " you can't stay mad at her fir the rest if your life. you are running from facing her ! " "me ? running from facing someone like her ? are u crazy ? she s the one who made a mistake and not me. " "and what do you call it when she calls you.and you hang up or you ignore her. give her a chance. And i don't like it when u act like that. i want the old you" and by that he left the room i felt sorry. i thought a bit and guessed that he might be in the living room. i went downstairs and i gyessed right. he was watching television. i sat next to him and stared at him. how coukd i ever do something like that to a guy like that ? " i'm sorry for what i've done harry...i really am... and now i realise that i'm not what i'm beeing, or trying to be." he looked at me and smiled. than gave me a hug. than ge said : " i think you should go talk to some one... enough drama." i nodded. he handed me his car keys. i smiled and thanked him. i went to Alex's place and she told me that she wasn't there. i thought she might be at niall's hpuse. and went and she wasn't there either. neither niall. his mum told me they went searching for a house. they wanted to move together. " they went searching for a house. they will ptobably come back here, why don't you wait for them darling? " i agreed. they were really nice people. they didn't take long but arrived. when Cynthia came in she was surprised to see me. i stood up and we just looked at eatch other. then niall said : " i'll leave u two alone so i don't make this more akward than it is. " and left for his room.probably. "Cynthia, i'm sorry i'v ignored your calls and texts and emails when u was in wales..." she didn't let me finish and said : " no Eli, don't be. i'm the ine who should be sorry. i'v madr a mistake and i hope you gorgive me..." " of course i will ! i think we were both stupid..." she came and hugged me. i said again: " day we ll be switching places where you'll be forgiving me for something stupid i'v made." we laughed then. Cynthia's pov: finally ! i have my friend back ! i'm so gratefull she was understanding. "eli, remember that day in grade 8 when we propmised to stay together until we both get old ?" "of course i do...and a promis is a prpmis" we smiled than i said : "so...about that you really trust her that much ? since when you two are friends enought to entrust her with your shopping ??" "well...she' a really nice girl and she appologized for whatvshe's done at the ball and cleared all the rumors in the magazines. oh...and by the way, did you find any house yet ?" "we saw one for sale really nice with a garden and a pool. we like it but i think it's too expencive. i won't let niall spend all his money on the house." "yeah, you might find another one less expensive with a garden too." "how about we go the three of us now ?" "i eould love too but i think you two should go alone..." "oh come onnn we'll have fuun ! "okay cynthia, if u insist."


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