-- I shot my eyes closed and then opened them facing the mirror as if i was someone else. But no, it was really me, Cynthia. Since the accident that took away my adopting parents, my life changed. no, not for the worst, but for the best. i admit that this sort of "new me" brought me some troubles, but i am pleased with it, and fully satisfied for living at my other half's side, Niall.


19. i missed you...a lot

Harry's pov:

i went to open  the  door, i expected eli. but when i opened zayn was with her and i didn't notice niall parking the car. he said quickly :" hey mate, where's cynthia ?"

was he seriously asking me that question ? " ZAYN ! can't you see what's going on in here ?! every thing's a mess and you , the reason of all this come ask to see loyal !" 

"harry i understand everything youre saying but every thing is fixed"

"and how should this be? "

then niall came : "it is harry, zayn and i came to apologize to cynthia"

eli" niall, you should go first"

he nodded. "hey you ! i didn't get my kiss yet !" i said to eli. "hahaha" she laughed then came closer and kissed me . although it was pretty quick, i felt her warm breath and her love. having her, the band and the fans is something i call : perfect life.

cynthia's pov :

i didn't even care who care or to harry shouting at who ever it was. my love life was fading infront of my eyes, my boyfriend thinks i'm guilty. i'm so grateful to harry, he's really helping me get better. i wonder what niall  would be doing right now. and by that the door knocked  :"come in !"

the door opened slowly and then niall stepped. i panicked. i don't know why, but i did. at least now i know what he's doing. i sat up and look at him "hey " he said 

"hi!" the moment i saw his face i knew how much i miss him. i know it's only been 1 night, but being seperated for tour or stuff like that is really differant than being seperated because of a fight. at the moment, all i wanted to do was run to him, kiss him, smell him, shove my fingers in his hair... and i wanted him to kiss me back, hold me close, tell me that he misses me too...but that couldn't happen. at least not right now. 

"cynthia, i don't know where to begin from. i'll just go to the most important thing. i'm sorry. reallyyy sorry for not believing you. i was jealous, i couldn't stand seeing you with him.."

i cut him off " what ? i wasn't with him! we were only emotionless dance."

"maybe it was emotionless for you only...any way, zayn apologized to me this morning and he came with me to apologize to you too. he know what he did was wrong and he admited that those were only some mixed feelings. 

i smiled, he was so true,so pure so...i can't find the words, maybe so sorry. but all i could do was jumping off the bed, run to him, and hug him tight. it felt like world peace. i didn't think of anythink that moment but feeling his heat and his breath on my neck. it was only one night but it felt like forever. "i missed you... a lot" he said. "i missed you too"

 i wounder how my left would have been without him. so...neutral. maybe i would have been dating someone else, but i'm sure it would've been a waist of time cause he wouldn't be the one.

how ever, i was the happiest girl on the planet. we finally released. i stared into his eyes, and he stared into mine. it was a magical moment, like i was born again. then a knock on the door interrupted our thoughts...

Niall's pov:

she missed me. she still loves me. what a relief ! i saw the passion in her eyes and the pain all flying away with that hug. but, i can't forgive myself. i made her suffer and she deserved none of it. i will make up everything... 

a knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. it was zayn. before he got the chance to say anything, cynthia stepped and gave him a small friendly hug to show him that every thing's all good now. he understood her point and still without a word we went downstairs, holding hands and smiling wide, the three of us. 

eli: "hello there! "

"hey !" replied cynthia.

"wanna go to the garden and have a small chit chat? " eli asked my gf.

"yeah sure"

Eli's pov:

i went with cynthia to garden. i wanted to know every single thing they talked about. "sooooo...what happened up there??"

"hahah ..not much he just apologized and then we hugged "

"that's it?" i said surprised

"well yeah, it wasn't a big deal from the beginning, we both over reacted to the situation,you knw"

"umm...well ok" 

after that we talked a bit and walked around the garden then came back to the house.

the boys have already sat up a movie and niall was bringing soda and beer. great ! movie night !

cynthia's pov:

awesome ! i love movie nights ! specially when it's horror movies with niall...

"hey do you think we should call louis? "

"yeah why not" replied liam

i picked up my phone and dialed him. when he answered me he was barely able to catch his breath like he have been running for half an hour. "hey lou ! we're having a movie night and we thought you and el could come.."   

"actually cynthia...we're in a middle of something right now and we're sort of busy for tonight maybe another time" "ohhh i see...alright i've interrupted enough" i said while giggling and hang up. 

"so what did he say? " liam asked. "actually liam, they were in a middle of their private time and i interrupted...if u know what i mean.."

"hahahahahha"  they all laughed outloud. it was kina funny how i caught them :p

"I ORDERED PIZZA !!" harry shouted from the kitchen.

we all took our places and started the movie. it was a horror one, as i expected. the movie was getting scarier and every while i cuddled up to niall and it felt good. suddenly, the door bell rang. we all shouted in fear than harry started laughing "hahahha it's ok guys, it's just the delivery pizza guy " we all sighted in relief. once the movie ended we all went to sleep. harry and eli slept in their room, niall and i in the guest room and liam and zayn had to share the other guest room. they were okay with sleeping next to each others.

when we went to bed niall and i fell asleep right after we kissed our goodnight kiss. 

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