-- I shot my eyes closed and then opened them facing the mirror as if i was someone else. But no, it was really me, Cynthia. Since the accident that took away my adopting parents, my life changed. no, not for the worst, but for the best. i admit that this sort of "new me" brought me some troubles, but i am pleased with it, and fully satisfied for living at my other half's side, Niall.


18. drama

Eli’s point of view

Niall was so depressed last night, I feel really sorry for them. It was 7 in the morning, I was already awake making some breakfast hoping this would cheer him up a bit, when the door knocked. It was probably Liam and Zayn. Louis and El must have went to their house cause they got engaged last night. I went and opened the door, I guessed right.

Zayn ”Hey ! Good Morning Eli!”

Me: “GOOD?! How should it be good ?”

Liam :” what?! What happened ?”

Me: you can ask your mate what’s wrong…I don’t have any time to explain cause there’s a depressed guy over there I have to take care of.”

Liam: “and why would you take care of Niall ? where’s Cynthia? Where’s harry ? why is he depressed anyway ??”

Me: “harry  gave Cynthia a ride home yesterday night cause it was too late to take a cab for a girl.  and thanks to someone those two broke up."

Liam: "broke up ?you are kidding me right?" 

Me: "not officially broke up, but they're not talking to each other and no, i'm not, you can go ask him"

zayn stood there facing the floor and blushed. he knew what happened was because of him. 

"just come in" i said while closing the door after them

liam went straight to niall's room taking him the breakfast i made him and zayn sat on the couch, still speechless but i saw his regrett in his eyes.

"hey.." i said while slowly sitting next to him. he jjust raised his eyes and looked at me. 

"look, we both know what you did was wrong, but it's never too late to fix things up"

he nodded, still not a single word out of his mouth. "come on now, you know where his room is, and i think after that you own cynthia an apology right ? she's at my place if you wanna go"

he nodded again with agreement then went upstairs really slowly .

Zayn's pov:

wow, eli really cleared things up to me tht i didn't even think of. i really had to clear thing to niall my turn and yes, cynthia deserved an apology. when i arrived to niall's room the door was shot, so i knock at the door 3 times then opened it slowly. i lent my head to see if they were talking about anything personal, but no, so i invited my self in. niall looked at me with red eyes. not red of anger, but from tears. what have i done ? i could see the disappointment in his look and i bet he could see the same thing in my eyes. liam looked at both of us then said : "okay, i guess i'll leave you two alone " then left.

i sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the ground. i assembled all my courage finally and talked : " Niall , i messed up, but i never expressed any of my feelings..."

"listen zayn.."

"no you listen niall, let me finish all i have to say. their is absolutely no reason to treat your girlfriend that way. it's not her fault, in any part. it's all mine, you're a guy and you probably would understand me. we always get some mixed feelings but after it every thing gets cleared up. and that is what happened.  don't blame cynthia in any way.  i hope you forgive me for what i've done. it was selfish from my part..i'm sorry "

" it's not that easy zayn. you're right, cynthia isn't guilty in any part and i may over reacted to this. but it's not that easy to come back to her after i have shouted in her face and accused her before i understood the situation, but i was jealous. i couldn't stand seeing you dancing with her and i saw charm thru your eyes and i was afraid of loosing her. now she may never have trust me or have confidence in me anymore. if i didn't believe her for something like that then she may think that how i'll trust her in bigger things. our life together is still in the beginning and..i never want it to end. but how will i be able to prove her that ?"

"simply by telling her the exact same thing you just told me. " i smiled while saying that. this is not as complicated as he thinks, but it's very normal to act like this because he is afraid to loose her.

"let's go both of us to her and apology. she own one from both of us."

he nodded then i left the room so he can change and get ready.

i went downstairs to wait in the living room and eli ws waiting for me there. 

eli : " did it go ?"

"pretty much better than i expected... every thing is fixed. he is now getting ready and we'll both go to apologize to her"

"thanks god ! wait here while i dress up too, i wanna see how she's doing"

"admit it girl, you miss your boyfriend too" i said with a smirk 

".weeeeeell, yeah..." she said while blushing "but the most important is to see how cynthia's going on"

and by that, she went to change.

Harry's pov ;

i knocked at the door and entered holding a delicious breakfast. she was still upset and asleep. i sat on the edge of the bed and placed the meal on the table next to the bed. my hand accidently touched her pillow and it was wet, from her tears. it couldn't have been from last night cause it would have dried. that means she's awake. "cynthia, i know you're really upset but you have to you can't pretend to be sleeping all day " i said calmly . she turned to face me then opened her eye and sat. her eyes were so red and she was still crying. "darling, every thing's gonna be  alright, stop crying and cheer up, it will make you feel a lot better" she shook her head and instead of stopping the tears, she burst crying and lent to my chest. "i just can't understand why he's treating me like that ! do you know how much it hurts me to wake up in the morning hoping to find him next to me still asleep like a little baby, caress his cheeks and kiss him softly as usual but then realise he's not there..." i rubbed her back softly hoping she would feel better. then the door knocked. "i'll be right back"


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