-- I shot my eyes closed and then opened them facing the mirror as if i was someone else. But no, it was really me, Cynthia. Since the accident that took away my adopting parents, my life changed. no, not for the worst, but for the best. i admit that this sort of "new me" brought me some troubles, but i am pleased with it, and fully satisfied for living at my other half's side, Niall.


15. dancing lessons


Eli’s pov:

I walked to the living room and saw Zayn and Cynthia still sitting there on the couch.

–“Oh, you still here guys…What are you doing?” I said.

–“Nothing, we were just having a dirt-chat.” Zayn said.

Then, Cynthia leaned close to Zayn’s ear and whispered him something’s and Zayn nodded.

–“Eli, Zayn needs a little help with his dancing and I suggested my help. Would you like joining me since we are both pro. Dancers.” Cynthia said.

–“Of course! I’ll be happy to help.”

Zayn: “Thanks girls, I really don’t  know how to thank you, you’re seriously saving me of the foolishness. So when will we start anyway??

Cynthia: “Maybe tomorrow at 2?”

Eli and Zayn: “I’m free…” 

the next day, cynthia and i went to our dance room at my place. yes, i have a big dance room at my house. i'm from a rich family, my father owns a huge and popular chocolate factory in switzerland. anyways, when we arrived to my house, it was by 12 o'clock. it has been a long time since cynthia and i didn't practiced dancing over here. so it took us sometime to put back every thing in its place and prepare every thing for zayn. then, we discussed what we were going to learn him first, cause he was way less than a biginner. i think it's bit hard to learn Zayn dancing if he keeps in his mind thant he can't dance. we have a LOT to do from now till saturday. and i just realised that we only have 3 days!!

zayn wasn't late and was right on time by 2 o'clock.

Zayn:" hey girls!" he said with a big simle of excitement on his face. if he is excited, it's already half the way. and i'm pretty glad cz we don't have enough time.

cynthia: "hey zayn!! ready?? cause it's gonna be a long after noon." cynthia said winking him.

we all laughed.

zayn: "let's hope it won't be as i am immaging it."

cynthia: " and how are you immaging it?"

zayn: " quite tierd and maybe hurtful.."

eli: "oh, don't exagerate...dancing is not that bad.."

zayn: "let'hope so"

zayn's pov:

the first day went like hell !! i cannot beleive what i got myself thru. but it s fine as long as cynthia is lurning me. she's such a funny girl. she's sweet.. she's beautiful. i like that she's my teatcher. eli's also a great girl...but..not as cynthia.

i loved how she made me move while she moves. how she leans her head back and how her hair fly in the air why she dances. i dance just to make her satisfied of what she taught me. eli was just staring at us while she helped. eli is a very smart girl, and i know that she understood that my feelings are growing for cynthia, maybe just a bit but they are. and she didn't seems to like it.

cynthia's pov:

today was really fun! zayn got exausted and that made me laugh alot every time he fell to the groud for resting. at the end of the day, zayn fell asleep and his feet couldn't help him standing up . i woke him up  :" zayn...zayn...come on wake  up, the lessons are over." what?? "  he said while blinking without getting what was going on. "come on get up, go to your home, take a shower and rest" i said "noo, i wanna stay here with you.." " than i'll come with you, but we cannot stay here, it's eli' s house" i replied to what i don't knw what he said, confused. "than ok.." he answered.

we went to zayn's place and i drove since he wasn't awake yet, or enough to drive. when we arrived, i parked the car and waved at him for good bye, but he caught my hand. " what time i'll see you tomorow cynthia?" he asked. i was happy he cared actually about dancing :" at the same place at 11" "ok..bye" he said then i waved at him again after kissing me on the cheek.

zayn's pov"

the next day cynthia and eli thaught me the basics of dancing and told me that tomoro they'll teatch me bal room dacings. i don't beleive i'm saying it but, it's really hard to confess but, niall is so lucky he has cynthia, i wish i was at his place. he doesn't know how  beautiful, lovely, funny, sweet... cynthia is. i think niall doesn't show her any of these. if niall doesn't then i'll do. cynthia disurves to be treated the best way, and i can definatly do.

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