-- I shot my eyes closed and then opened them facing the mirror as if i was someone else. But no, it was really me, Cynthia. Since the accident that took away my adopting parents, my life changed. no, not for the worst, but for the best. i admit that this sort of "new me" brought me some troubles, but i am pleased with it, and fully satisfied for living at my other half's side, Niall.


16. ball


niall's pov:

It’s finally Saturday! We were all nervous for this event. We’ve never been to a ball before, I was taking Cynthia, Harry was with Eli, Zayn with Perrie, Louis with Eleanor and Liam with Danielle. Danielle and Perrie are Liam and Zayn exes, but they couldn’t find a date in less than 3 days! Eleanor is Louis’s gf. I think they are going to get engaged. And a first time event meant shopping. It was 11am, we all met at Harry and Eli’s place since Eli moved in, and went together to find us something right for the ball room dancing.

Louis: “So, first the mall?!”

Cynthia: “you’re kidding me right?”

We all looked at her in surprise but Eli. We would have agreed with Louis if she didn’t said what she said. Only Eli knew what she meant cause she laughed.

Eli: “Guys, we’re going to buy dancing outfits, not casual ones.” she said laughing

Louis: “Than where are we gonna go??”

Cynthia: “I know a place. It’s a small shop, Eli and I always bring our dancing outfits from.”

Liam: “So, you are driving?”

Cynthia: “If you say so”…

The car ride was so noisy and long. I got a headache. That’s why I fell asleep on Zayn’s shoulder.

Louis’s pov:

When we arrived at the shop, it was a small one and barely its sign is seen. Every couple of us went in away to find outfits witch mach. I went with Eleanor and searched for a fancy suit with pockets. I wanted to ask Eleanor to marry me at the ball, and I needed a pocket to pack and hide the ring. There wasn’t something better than a ball to get engaged. I always thought that slow dancing is the most romantic.


Zayn’s pov:

Every couple of us went in a way to find outfits witch mach. I wanted Cynthia as a partner not Perrie. She was too beautiful to resist. I decided to go for it and ask Niall for what I want: “Niall, Buddy, can I ask you something?”

_ “Sure mate… what is it?”

_ “Look Niall, it’s really hard to ask you, but I’ll do anything for you if you accept”

_ “Dude just asks… what’s wrong with you?”

_ “Ok, can you please dance with Perrie so I can dance with Cynthia?”

_“What? You’re kidding right???”

_ “Please Niall I’m begging with you! I have practiced all this time with Cynthia and now I’m used to her. I don’t think I’ll be able to dance with Perrie, especially after what she’s done to me, I can’t even look her in the eyes”.

When I used to date Perrie, I discovered that she was cheating on me with my ex best friend and I can’t believe I asked her to come with me…

Niall: “Look, I don’t know, I’ve been waiting this night just to show every one that Cynthia is mine, and than you come and… wait! Why don’t you take Eli?”

When he asked me that question I didn’t knew what too answer, than I saved myself saying: “Eli just thought me some steps, but Cynthia danced with me all the time.”

_”Fine, I’ll accept only if it’s okay with Cynthia…”

Happiness didn’t fit when he accepts. Well Cynthia had to accept also but if Niall did, than it wouldn’t be hard to convince her. And that’s what happened. Later, everyone knew about the plan changement, and Perrie was glad with it, what a bitch!


Harry’s pov:

Once we arrived, Press was all around the ball room. We were used to this but I’m sure Eli and Cynthia are not. After few minutes of our arrive, we knew that at the end of the ball, there’s going to be an exchange partners and a prize to the best “Strangers couples”. There were only famous persons at this event. Then I saw a singer that I met once at an interview, I went to him but before I reach him, I heard 2 girls familiar voices talking, then I realized there were Eli and Cynthia’s. I was too curious so I stopped and listened:

Eli: “Cynthia, come on, don’t lie… you’re a smart girl and I’m sure you noticed…”

Noticed?? What shall Cynthia notice? I got closer to them, still hidden.

Cynthia: “Listen to me Eli, seriously I have no idea what you’re talking about, so if you’re not telling me what’s wrong…”

Eli: “Didn’t you notice Zayn’s COMPORTEMENT? He loves you Cynthia…”

Cynthia: “Hahahaha… Zayn loves me?? Are you serious?

Eli: “Just notice the way he looks at you, the way he held you when we practiced, the way he smiled at you… and he wants to dance with you…”

Cynthia: “But…”

Eli: “you have no clue that he doesn’t and I have all the clues to prove that he does."

I don’t think I needed any more listening. I’ve heard enough. But now I’m confused, shall I tell Niall? Or just warn Zayn to stay back and sow up nothing between Cynthia and Niall.

I was really confused. It bothered me. Finally, I just decided to watch over Zayn and see if he’s gonna do anythind stupid to Cynthia. He always charms girls with his hazel eyes. I don’t know what makes Zayn’s eyes so magical, but they are. And that’s uncomforted me, cause Niall rarely dates someone, and when he does, he loves from the bottom of his heart with no over jealousy, no cheating or hate, if Zayn caused a break up between these two…

Then, my thoughts been interrupted by someone bumping into me, then a charming unknown voice said: “I’m extremely sorry…” “It’s ok…” I said without paying any attention for who it was. Then, this same girl caught my hand while I was walking, stopping me. I lookd at her, she was way shorter than me. After staring at her weirdly, I finally recognized her, it was Chloe, from a TV series. She said: “ Harry styles, right?” “Y-yeah, and you’re chloe no?” “ yeah! I’m a huge fan and I can’t believe you know me!”

She was only fan girling, just like other ordinary girls. When I wanted to go, going back to Eli, she just kept walking with me. When I was about to arrive to Eli, and Chloe was a none stop talking, I told her: “So, we might meet later. Now I’m going to my date, see you later.”  She got a bit angry but I didn’t care, all I cared was to go and hug Eli, assuring myself that theirs no risqué to lose her. I was sad for Niall, cause his perfect relation is in “danger”. I wasn’t going to tell anything to Eli about what I’ve heard. She was so beautiful standing their alone, with a really fancy dress that I never thought she would wear; with her curly dark brown hair resting on one shoulder, smiling and showing her straight and white teeth… I just realize how much I love her, and how much I’ll be broken if she ever left me or I ever did something that could hurt her.

_ “May I have this dance? I asked her laughing on one knee holding her hand as I was going to marry her. She was laughed also. I felt Chloe’s eyes following me how ever I move. She bothered me, but I couldn’t do a thing while Eli and I were dancing, our eyes didn’t left each other.

chloe's pov:

as an actress, i came to this ball with the other hero in my last movie wich i hate. but i was obliged, carrier. my best freind Helene came with me. we had almost the same thoughts.she saw me staring at harry so she asked:

"harry's next ha?"

-"whaaat? what next?"

-"you know what i mean chole..."

-" hahahahah yeah..of course  i do. and yeah, he's next.."

Helene and i had a hoby. every guy we like we would do anything to get him. and when i say anything i meen ANYTHING. and specially if it's a celebrity. then he would bring me more fame and i would brake some teen age girls hearts.

-" you're so eveil chloe.."

-"as if you weren't"

-"hahahaha yeah i am, but not as much a you are!! ."

anyway..he has a girl friend and it seems they love each others a lot

-"yeah? so what? since when i cared if a boy has a GF or not"

then, we both laughed at me eveil thoughts and i went after interrupting harry and his what ever was her name was.helen was coming with me aslo. "awww...look so cute togher meting in each other hands!! i think i should back off..." and we laughed again...i would never let the HARRY STYLES chance skip from me.

 I felt enjoying this night. I am gonna have fun. A lot.

_ “What happened to your last dall?” Hellen asked.

_ “Dall?! What dall?”

_ “You know, Taylor Lautner… your ex? Oh don’t know if your still dating…?”

_ “Oh yeah, right that one. Babe, you know, every while you have to change dalls. And plus, I prefer green eyes.”

We laughed a bit, before reaching love birds. Yeahh, I know you might be thinking. We always laugh…

_ “Heyyyy honey! I’m back!” I said resting my hand on Harry’s shoulder.”

_ “Honey?!!” Eli said looking confused at Harry. Ohh, I just love that feeling when all your plans get in the way of success.

_ “Oh your back! Why don’t you wait for us and have a punch, while Eli, my girlfriend and I finish our dance?”

Poor little boy! He really thought I was going to leave them alone!

_ “Actually babe, why don’t all of us go and have a puntch?

_ “Let us finish our dance first CHLOE!” He shouted in my face.

_HaHaHaHaHa, you’re so cute when your angry!” I said sarchasicly. I know that this sentence bothers people so I kept saying it! Harry got angrier…

Cynthia’s p.o.v

Now, it’s almost 10 o’clock,almost half the event was passed and Zayn and I didn’t dance yet. I wish I could dance with Niall, but Perrie wasn’t leaving him! Yeahh I’m a bit jealous. But just a bit cause I trust Niall. He kept his eyes on me all the night long. Then Zayn interrupted my thoughts and said: “So, may I have this dance?” Landing his hand waiting for mine to rest in his… We danced, he looked me right in the eyes. Eli was right… I got scared. What was I going to do? Last time when it happened with Liam, Niall was bothered because I didn’t tell him about the thing. Shall I tell him about Zayn? I was so confused. Especially that Zayn said nothing yet. What if I tell him and after all Zayn doesn’t considers me more than a friend that tried to help him to improve his dancing? Then I’ll look like… let’s just say a fool. All my thoughts get interrupted by Louis…

Louis’s p.o.v:

It’s time. Well, the time of my life. I really think Eleanor is the one. We’ve been together for 2 years, breaking up, making up, fighting, kissing, sleep over,… I just want to spend the rest of life with her. This night, she was the most beautiful girl in my eyes. I spoke to the sort of “Dj” who was playing the music and he agreed that by 10:30 he will stop whatever was the music, place a spotlight over us, and play “Just the way you are” Bruno Mars Karaoke. It was already 10:30 and I was getting nervous. Suddenly, what I asked for was ready. Everything was perfect. Eleanor was standing their surprised. Once the music started playing, I sang:

Ohh, her eyes, her eyes

Make the stars look like theirnot shining…

Her hair, her hair looks perfectly when…

Eleanor blushed, press and paparazzi when taking pictures, and everyone was watching us. She had joy tears in her eyes. After that, I rested on one knee, took out the small box from my pocket and opened it, the diamond ring shined. “Will you marry me Eleanor??”

Everyone was staring at Eleanor and was completely shocked. I can tell she was happy, she was shoting her mouth with her hands and nodding. Words couldn’t get out of her mouth. I took out the ring and slide it slowly into her finger, then she hugged me and I kissed her. I was sure that by tomorrow, this would be on twitter, Facebook, magazines… let’s just say everywhere.

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