-- I shot my eyes closed and then opened them facing the mirror as if i was someone else. But no, it was really me, Cynthia. Since the accident that took away my adopting parents, my life changed. no, not for the worst, but for the best. i admit that this sort of "new me" brought me some troubles, but i am pleased with it, and fully satisfied for living at my other half's side, Niall.


20. back home

niall's pov:

"Good morning baby girl" "mornin' babe" i love when

i wake up and see her face. "we have to go back
today to our place... We can't stay here " i said
"sure" she replied with her sleeping voice while
rubbing her eyes. This was the sexiest shit ever !
We got up to the smell of good, i ran downstaires
and sat on the table waiting for the others to
come. Waiting for food is like waiting an etarnety.
When every one was finally here i finished quickly
then said: "cynthia and I will leave now, bye! "
"bye ! Eli,harry, thanks for everything.." she
replied. We got in the car and went straight home.
The ride was awesome ! We kept singing with the
songs playing  on the radio, going crazy and
dancing in our seets, laughing out loud. When we
arrived to our home the  first thing we did is 
check the missed calls as usual and a number from
mullingar showed. It wss my uncle's where my
parents , greg,mike and alex where staying so i
called back.
Cynthia's pov:

This boy is all i ever wanted. I saw him speaking
on the phone. When he hang up he told me : "babe
tomorrow noon they're coming back ! "
" gr8 !! But who're they ? "
I replied joking
"oh yeah right mum,dad greg alex and mike, the
family u knw..."
" ohh its good ! I should get back to alex and
mike' s place i have to clean it and prepare
something for them...the house's been left for a
long time" "yeah, i'll come help you"
"it's ok, u can stay hang out with the boys i'll just call eli

"i would say to leave eli so we can have some fun alone" he said with a smirk "hahahahah if u say so bad boy ;)" i.replied. This night niall was taking me to a fancy restaurant. He said he wanted to.make up for me. I didn't knew what to dress i was out of ideas. Finally i decided to pick that yellow dress that have been locker for a long time. It was a short tight shiny yellow dress with only one shoulder. It was simple but nice. It also had a black bow. I wore my black high heels and black ear rings. Now the hair, partly the hardest part of all. I waved it and tied half of it then put a yellow bow in my hair. I heard niall shouting : " cynthia come on we're gonna be late! "
I quickly added some makeup but just a little cause i know niall doesn't like it much. I went down stairs and saw niall waiting for me. When he looked at me his eyes were fixed you'd say forever. When i arrived next to him.he said: ""
"thanks...' i said while blushing. "you re pretty wow ur self ;)"
He opened his hand so i can hold it and we went out. He opened the car door for me. Every thing was so classy. I wasn't used to this. on our way, i asked him : "umm, niall... where are we going?" "to the same place we went the first time"  

"you mean the Italian restaurant ?" "that's right, but instead of you escaping from me and going to the roof, i will kidnap you" "hahahha, yeah...then we sit and watch the stars"

once we arrived we ate then went straight to the restaurants's roof. we sat on the floor, and cuddled. every thing was so perfect. we watched the stars shining up there and talked about anything and everything. when we were back home, it was 12:30 and i couldn't sleep. so did niall. i made tea then grabbed a blanket and we went down stairs to watch television. 10 minutes later, we were both sleeping on each other's shoulders. 


A/N : sorry for this short chapter more is coming soon thanks for reading!


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