-- I shot my eyes closed and then opened them facing the mirror as if i was someone else. But no, it was really me, Cynthia. Since the accident that took away my adopting parents, my life changed. no, not for the worst, but for the best. i admit that this sort of "new me" brought me some troubles, but i am pleased with it, and fully satisfied for living at my other half's side, Niall.


14. back home

Niall’s pov:

Although this was the worst thing that ever happened to me, I didn’t mind as long as it’s about saving Cynthia. I would die for her because she made me alive again. Before I met her, I had that boring life, although I’m famous and good looking, but an empty heart is like a death person, and she filled my heart… While Cynthia and I were holding hands, my best friends came into the room. Harry: “Dude!! What happened?? You scared us!!” Eli was also with them… They all had that  look of “WTF happened” on their faces. I’m glad I have such friends who care about me. While we were having a catch up conversation, Selena entered the room and when she saw me awake and surrounded with friends, a smile grew on her face. “Hey son, how are you now?” “Better. Thanks ma'am…”

“So do you guys got a room in a hotel or not yet??” I said after minutes.

" HOTEL?? What hotel?? You think I’m letting you stay at a hotel for 2 days? You’re all staying at my place”. She was so gentle and let the boys stay with her.

By the end of the day, every one left except for Cynthia, she didn’t accept to leave me alone. She stayed the whole night…

… Niall: “Selena, you don’t really think we’re letting you stay here alone with Edward?”

Selena: “Oh Niall, dear, I lived over 16 years with that man and he never done anything bad to me.”

Niall: “But he could do what he’s done to you again. And at that time none of us would be here to protect you”

Selena: “But, but…”

Niall: “No more buts, you’re coming with us…”

And in this way I convinced cycy’s mum to come with us. Once we arrived to London’s airport, Paul our manager was waiting for us. Who the hell did he know we were out of England? Louis looked at me feeling guilty. I knew it was him so I gave him an “I’m gonna kill you later” look. Then I looked back at Paul and said:” Paul, every things fine, now…”

Paul: “I don’t care if every things fine or not, this Saturday is a ball and you are going, but you boys weren’t here so I can tell you earlier about it, you where in Wales doing…” and he looked at Cynthia’s with an elevator look.


Cynthia’s pov:

Ohh I felt like killing Paul at the moment. But I could do nothing but raise one eyebrow. He hated me. I don’t know why but I’m sure he does. And that’s what made me hate him too. Niall: “I’ll call a cab. We won’t be able to all go with Paul, Selena, Cynthia, Harry, Eli and I, are going back with the taxi. We’ll meet at my place.”

All of them agreed. When we got to my house, Paul said he wanted to talk to the boys in the living room. “Come mum, I’ll show you where your room is.”  Looking at Paul. “It’s okay Cynthia, you can stay… It concerns you and Eli too in a part”. Without any reaction, I just sat down, crossed my arms and looked at him sarcastic waiting for what he’s going to say.

“So guys, about this ball, you’re going to take a date with you. I would have told you earlier so you have time to prepare your self’s and find a date and all, but you guys went to Wales without warning me…” All the boys had sad faces, because when you say “ball”, you say slow dances, very fancy outfits… Not that teenagers would prefer, but that’s carrier right? After that Paul left the house without saying another single world. Even if he was their manager, there’s not obliged to tell him every single step there’re going to make. Anyway, after that everyone got himself busy doing something, I saw Zayn still sitting on the couch, his head between his hands, facing the floor; I got close to him and rested my hand, on his shoulder. “What’s wrong Zayn??” I asked as low as I could so the others wouldn’t hear. He looked at me and forced himself to smile. “Nothing…” he said still with a fake smile on his face.

–”C’mon Zayn, I know you’re not fine…”

– “Well, you’re right…”

–“So, tell me what it is??

–“It’s that ball dancing stuff… I know nothing about dance…”

–“Is that all? Don’t worry…

–“How could I not worry? There’s gonna be press and paparazzi, and other famous people. I’ll look like a fool over there”

–“Unless, I help you” I finally said with a wink..


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