Elena Jane Levy was the most unpopular girl in school. She was that quiet girl that sat in the corner of the classroom and actually paid attention, she was the girl who everybody in school thought was pretty... but never said anything because of their envy. She was alone, and that was the way it had always been.
Brayden Alan Brooks was the star of the football team. He was the boy that every girl in school crushed on and talked way to loud at for attention. He was the boy that everyone knew... and everyone wanted to be. When he walked into the room all the girls whisperer at each other, and all the boys waved to. He was loved by everyone, and sometimes he wanted normality.
Nobody ever thought that it would happen, not even Brayden or Jane. But one day things just clicked, the puzzle was put together... and everything made sense.


1. First day of school.



This book if for every girl who has looked in a mirror and thought they are not good enough.

for the girls who are still searching for their own Brayden.

For the girls who stay up late, and spend their free time glued to a computer screen, to the girls who live in silence.

To the girls who spend every waking hour dreaming of one day escaping reality.

Here's to the people who are Happy and sad at the same time, and wondering how that may be.

to the girls who are always searching for perfection...

I wrote this for the girls in this world like me.











     My name is Elena Jane Levy. I am nothing special, my life revolves around simplicity. I will admit that it hasn't been all that perfect, my mom died when i was 13, and my dad left us when i was a baby. All i had left was my brother Lucas, and if it wasn't for him i would probably be in foster care. He gave up collage and basically his life plans so he could take care of me, and because of this i owe him my everything.

    My childhood was not all that wonderful either... I had a best friend, Mackenzie Wescott. She was just like me back in elementary school we both sat in the back of the classroom and didn't have any friends, so we just clicked. We did everything together, we were basically inseparable. But Kenzie's brother Seth got into the 2006 Olympics for snowboarding and just like that she became the most popular girl in school. Now we are both 17 and don't even look each other in the eyes, and because of the basic guide to high school, Kenzie makes fun of losers like me on a daily basis.


"Elena time to get up!" my bed started to move and i slowly opened my eyes to see Lucas jumping above me on my bed, i rolled my eyes and covered my head with a pillow.

"Come on its your first day of school, you have to go get ready!" he said pulling my legs trying to drag me out of bed...

"Lou Please, can i just have 5 more minuets..." i moaned into my pillow. He ripped it off of my face and grabbed me up out of bed like a baby.

"No because you have to get ready so you can go own the school." i laughed and he put me down.

"Lucas just because you were the most popular boy at St. Anthony's doesn't mean that i got your same genes." i said opening my closet and picking out some high waisted shorts and a crop top.

"Elena, you just need to go there and act like you own it..." he said striking a pose at me, i rolled my eyes and pushed him by his shoulders to the door.

"Okay be out in 5 minuets, im making bacon." he said giving me a funny smile i closed the door on him and then changed out of my pajamas. I walked into my bathroom and blasted One Direction.

"If every time we touch you get this kind of rushhhhh!" i sang off key into my brush, then opened up my drawr and grabbed my straightner. I opened up my makeup drawer and put on some pink lip gloss and mascara....

"Baby say yeaahhhhhhhh!" i sang and rubbed my lips together. I ran the straightner threw my hair a few times and then went out to the kitchen.

"Wow Elena, that was quite some singing in there." he joked around and then put a plate of bacon and eggs in front of me... i blushed and  dug my fork into the overcooked eggs.

"No really have you ever considered touring?" he said sarcastically and put the bacon pan into the sink.

"You are so funny Lou." i said sarcastically and then took my last bite of food and brought my plate to the sink.

"I know, you don't need to remind me...." i rolled my eyes and poked him in the ribs with my fork then dropped it into the overfilled sink...

"You better watch it short stuff..." he said standing up straight and hovering over me, i giggled...

"My height has nothing to do with this, i could take you any day of the week..." i said sarcastically putting my hands on my hips.

"Really? Bring it on fun sized!" he said throwing my tiny body over his shoulder and carrying me to the living room....

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" i yelled jokingly, and he spun me around and threw me onto the couch. He sat down next to me and we laughed until we couldn't breath. Lucas got himself together and then glanced at his watch...

"Shoot! Were gonna be late!" i looked at the clock and it was 7:05, school started at 7:30 and it took 20 minuets to get there from my house. I ran and grabbed my bag and sprinted into my white Acura MDX, i usually would have to get a ride from Lucas but moms car was in her will to me...

I pulled into the crowded school parking lot at Saint Anthony's and sat in my car for a couple seconds reminding myself to not talk to anyone and don't make eye contact. It was pretty immature i know but i have never been one for socializing, or people at all.

I grabbed my bag out of the passenger seat and opened my door up swinging it onto my shoulder and adjusting a pair of aviators to my head. I took a deep breath and took in the fresh California air then i ran my hands through my long brown hair and walked to the front doors.

When i walked into the building it killed the fresh air and my lungs filled with the awful scent of pine sol and gym clothes. I made my way to my locker that was located unfortunately right next to Mackenzie's...

"So then i was all like Kenny you don't own me and i guess that's where it all ended..." she said as i giving a presidential speech to the crowd of other populars and sheep crowding her locker that smelt like overbearing Victoria Secret perfume. I worked my way through the crowd so i could get to my overcrowded locker, i spun in the combination and opened it up to see it get slammed shut again.

"Oops, clumsy me... my hand must have had a spasm." she said giving me a cunning smile as the crowd laughed at her actions....

"ha your so funny McKenzie " i said once again putting in my locker combo. I opened it up and blocked it from getting shut again with my arm, then i grabbed my algebra folder a notebook and a mechanical pencil. I closed the door shut and the crowd that once surrounded Mackenzie's locker was moving down the hallway after her. I started to walk to my classroom when i felt a tap on my shoulder...

"Your Elena right?" said the boy above me letting go of my bare shoulder. This boy was none other than Brayden Alan Brooks, if there is one thing you must know about Brayden... he was perfection. He had perfect grades, a perfect throwing arm, and a perfect body. The best feature about him wasn't his tanned skin or his brown curls, it was his eyes. They were the color of gold, or honey. Every time he looked at you it made you want to melt. He was the pitcher for varsity baseball, and quarter back for Varsity football, Scouts had been watching him since the 10th grade. Every girl in the school was in love with him, but who could blame them? When Brayden walked into a room you knew success followed him....

"Yeah, why?" i said giving him a confused look...

"Oh nothing, its just nice to get to know people and i needed to say something to start conversation..." he said giving me a perfect smile, i tried my hardest not to give into his charm.

"Well that nice i guess..." i said turning and walking again.

"Wait Elena..." i turned around quickly and waited for him to start talking again.

"I just wanted to let you know that i didn't laugh when Mackenzie slammed your locker shut back there." he said looking at the ground.

"Sure..." i rolled my eyes knowing he was lying.

"No really, i didn't think it was funny. Mackenzie might act like she owns the world but she really isn't as powerful as she makes herself seem..." he said finally looking up to my eyes.

"Well thanks for the reassurance." i said turning around again....

"What Elena one more thing." he said walking quickly to catch up to me.

"What?" i said annoyed that he had stopped me so many times...

"What do you have first period." he said pulling out his class schedule.

"Math with Mrs. McKinley..." i said making my way to her room

"cool me too." he said walking next to me...

We both walked into her room and i sat down at the back of the classroom, i crossed my legs and let out a deep breath closing my eyes. When i opened them I saw Brayden puling out the chair next to me.

"Um, what are you doing?" i said laughing at his actions...

"Sitting next to you..." He said raising an eyebrow, and putting his binder down on the desk. We sat quite for a moment and then i asked the question that my mind had been wondering...

"Why?" i asked looking into his gold eyes.

"Because your different." He said looking at Mrs. McKinley writing down her expectations on the white board.

"How am i different from any other girl here?" i asked writing down the agenda into my student log.

"You are real..." he said looking straight at me, and i could notice stared from other girls in the classroom wondering Why  Brayden Brooks was sitting next to the loser.

"What is that supposed to mean?" i asked laughing sarcastically.

"You get things, and look at me different than all the other girls. Your presence is real." he said examining my face, i could feel blood rise in my cheeks. He smiled at my blushing cheeks and then started writing in his log to.

After the class was over i got up from my seat and started to walk to the door...

"Elena wait up." i hear Brayden say listening to his footsteps grow closer.

"Can i walk with you to your locker, id feel weird if i walked alone." he said stepping in sync with me.

"Sure, but i don't think walking with me is going to help with the weird part." He laughed and then offered to carry my books for me. I let him, and told myself not to give in to his charm.

"I will not fall for Brayden Alan Brooks." i kept on repeating to myself in my head, but one of my few talents was knowing when someone has telling a lie... and i knew that i was lying to myself.


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