Elena Jane Levy was the most unpopular girl in school. She was that quiet girl that sat in the corner of the classroom and actually paid attention, she was the girl who everybody in school thought was pretty... but never said anything because of their envy. She was alone, and that was the way it had always been.
Brayden Alan Brooks was the star of the football team. He was the boy that every girl in school crushed on and talked way to loud at for attention. He was the boy that everyone knew... and everyone wanted to be. When he walked into the room all the girls whisperer at each other, and all the boys waved to. He was loved by everyone, and sometimes he wanted normality.
Nobody ever thought that it would happen, not even Brayden or Jane. But one day things just clicked, the puzzle was put together... and everything made sense.


2. car malfunctions

"Elena can i borrow a pencil, mine is out of lead..." i heard Brayden whisper, i unzipped my pink pencil case and handed one to him.

"Thanks." I smiled at him and continued taking notes on Mrs. McKinley's power point. Me and Brayden had grown a little closer this last week of school...we had 1st, 3rd, and 7th period together. He was always waiting for me when i got to my locker, and he always offered to carry my books for me. I still couldn't quite wrap my head around why he wanted to be around me so much, normally people of his ranking in the high school food chain avoided all contact with people of lower classification such as myself... but Brayden was different .. he actually laughed at my sarcasm and he always seemed to listen to me when i talked to him, i actually sort of liked it. At first i couldn't stand his charm but after the first couple days i had gotten used to it.

Mrs. McKinley had finally handed out the assignment after it seemed hours of Power Points and explanations, i got to about problem 6 before Brayden interrupted me like usual...

"Hey Elena, how did you find the slope of problem four?" he asked comparing our worksheets, i took a quick look at his and then found the problem.

"Your subtracting Y2 and X2 when you are supposed to be subtracting Y2 and Y1." i said pointing out his mistake, he laughed at it and then erased the writing on his paper.

"Hey i was wondering if maybe i could get you cell number..." He said nervously running his fingers through his curls, i laughed at his action.

"Why?" i said finishing up my last problem on the little white piece of paper.

"Well so you can help me with homework..." I laughed and he half smiled...

"And because i would like to be able to talk to you outside of math." I nodded at his real reasons and then ripped off a corner of my assignment and scribbled my number onto it, he gave me a cheeky grin and then slid the paper into his back pocket. The bell wrung and he grabbed my things from my arms and we made our way to my locker, and as we walked he talked about pointless things and i observed the stares from the jealous girls walking in opposite direction of us in the hall.

"Hold your breath girls, we don't want to get a disease " Mackenzie said dramatically conserving air into her cheeks., Her clique started to laugh and then mocked her.

"Shut up Kenzie." Brayden said giving her a disgusted look. She scoffed and then quickly walked away with her ducklings following her.

"You didn't need to do that..." i said opening my locker and pulling out my Geology binder, he closed the locker behind me and then we both started to walk down the hall.

"No i did. It bothers me when she does that, its really obnoxious." He said staring straight forward like he was in a trance. We walked quietly until we got to my classroom, He said goodbye and i sat in my seat. 

The rest of the day was nothing special, it consisted of lectures and stares which i had began to get used to. Finally the last bell of the day sounded and the hallway flooded with kids going to their lockers. I made my way through the crowd and then swung my locker open collecting my bag, homework, and cellphone. I got out to my car as quickly as i could and that when i realized that my keys were inside and the door was locked.

"Seriously?" i said looking at the sky and then placing my face on the window. I let out a deep breath and then tried opening the door...

"Just my luck-" i groaned sliding down the side of my car onto the hot pavement.

"Car Troubles?..." I saw Brayden walking to me and then peaking in my window. He burst out laughing and then extended an arm to help me up...

"I locked my keys inside." I looked at the ground and then gave him an embarrassing smile.

"Let me give you a ride home." he said jingling his keys in front of my face.

"No its fine, ill just call someone to unlock the door." I half smiled and then pulled out my cell.

"Elena its 100 degrees out here just let me give you a ride to my house and you can call a lock smith when we get there..." I realized he wasn't going to take no for an answer so i climbed into his truck and he turned on the radio.

"So we have about 15 minuets until we get back to my place, how about we get to know each other better..." He said cheekily grinning at me, i smiled back.

"Okay you ask me a question, and then you have to answer the question, and well take turns..." he nodded and then asked me something simple.

"How many siblings do you have?" He said keeping his gold eyes on the road.

"One, an older brother... and his name is Lucas. Your turn." I relaxed my figure more and than waited for his reply.

"Um, i have two siblings, and older brother and sister. My older brother's name is Mark, and my sisters name is Mary-Alice." He took a turn onto a dirt road and i thought of another question.

"Whats your favorite movie, and why?" He smiled at me and then flipped his hair.

"Well my favorite movie is Its a wonderful life because my family always watches it on Christmas eve together, and its a beautifully romantic story... but i tell everyone that its Rocky IV to sound more manly." I laughed and smiled because he shared his softer side with me.

"Okay your turn... Who is your biggest inspiration." He turned back onto a paved road that was covered in the shade of trees.

"My brother because he had my back when nobody else did, and he put his life on hold to take care of me." He smiled at me and then turned into a long driveway that had a huge front gate that had Brooks written on it. Brayden pulled up to the side of the arch and pressed a intercom button.

"Its Brayden..." He released the button and the gates opened he pulled the red truck up a long driveway that seemed to never end. When his home finally became visible i gasped, the home was breathtaking...

"You live here?" i said staring at the home in awe...

"Yup." He got out of the car and then opened my door for me, i smiled at his caring gesture and then walked up the steps to his huge front door, he opened the handle and i almost past out when i saw the inside.

"Oh My God." I spun in a circle getting a full view of his home. Living in Hidden Hills, CA you would expect these sort of homes... but Brayden house was so detailed, it was stunning.

"Here just go down that hallway and ill meet you in the kitchen, i just have to put my bag into my room. I smiled and then started to walk down the hallway that had paintings covering the walls, i made my way into the kitchen and was amazed at how big it was, i sat down at a tall bar stool that was pulled up to the island. I pulled my phone out of my school bad and then started to do my trigonometry homework.

"Do you want anything to drink?" Brayden asked walking into the room and opening up the fridge.

"Do you have any water?" i said penciling the answer to the last question. He chuckled  and then filled a glass with the dispenser outside of the fridge. He handed it to me and then pulled his cell out of his back pocket. He pulled out the bar stool next to me and then Googled the locksmiths in Calabasas.

"Hello i have a friend who locker her keys in her car, could you possibly help us out?" I could sparsely hear the voice on the other end of the line.

"Okay, the address is 24471 Court view st. Calabasas, CA." He said smiling and then hanging up.

"He said hes gonna meet us at the school in an hour, so we have some time to chill. What do you want to do?" He cheekily smiled at me and waited for my reply.

"It doesn't matter to me." I said looking down at the floor and playing with my thumbs.

"Well how about i give you a tour." I smiled at him and he grabbed my hand and lead me out of the kitchen to the upstairs.

"This would be my sister Mary-Alice's room." I peeked inside and there was a huge window with light blue curtains on it. The walls where ivory and Tiffany blue, and her bed had four posters with a Lacey white canopy accenting its detailed frame. We stepped into it and it smelled like lilacs then he opened a door and my heart stopped.

"This is her closet..." I looked around and there was a room just about the size of kitchen lined with designer shoes, and clothes with a chandelier hanging in the center. Brayden looked at me and laughed. He grabbed my hand and continued me on the house tour.

"This is Marks room, but he doesn't use it very much because he has his own apartment at the university " I peeked in and then he closed the door.

"And this is my room." He opened up a door at the end of the hallway, and we walked in. In the corner there was a mattress with a simple white down comforter on the top. He had a little black desk in the other corner and a dresser with pictures of his friends and family on the top, i smiled at the simplicity of it compared to his brother and sisters rooms.

"This has to be my favorite room in the house so far." He smiled and laughed

"It caught you by surprise didn't it.." He chuckled and then sat in one of two bean bag chairs resting next to his desk.

"No not really..." I sat in the beanbag chair next to him and then relaxed into it. He laughed and gave me one of thes "I know your lying" looks and then his phone began to ring.

"Oh im so sorry well be there in 20 minuets." he hung up and then we ran downstairs into the kitchen, i re packed my school bag and he grabbed his car keys. We walked out of the entry way and got into his truck.

"Why are we rushing?" I asked putting my bag on the ground.

"He was early..." I smiled and turned the radio on, taylor swift started playing so i blasted it and sang along...

"I knew you were trouble when you walked in..." i sang off pitch at the top of my lungs, he laughed and pulled the car out of the driveway. 

"Put on your seat belt." i couldn't quite make out what he had said though...

"WHAT?" i yelled over the music.

"PUT ON YOUR SEAT BELT!" He yelled...

"Pull on your sea shells?" I said and he laughed at my misinterpretation.

"NEVER MIND!" he yelled reaching over me accidentally brushing his abs on my chest, he pulled then seat belt over me and then buckled it, i could feel the blood rise into my cheeks. He laughed and then refocused his attention on the road.

"now im lying on the cold hard round, Oh, oh-oh trouble trouble trouble..." I sang again, he smiled and turned onto the highway. We finally pulled into the school parking lot and i saw a man sitting next to my car holding my keys up to show me he got them out. Brayden parked the car and i got out and thanked the man. He left and i twirled my keys on my finger.

"Lets go do something." Brayden said giving me a mischievous smile, i laughed.

" Like what?" I said rolling my eyes and opening my drivers side door.

"I don't know its a Friday, lets go have fun!" he said climbing into my passenger side.

"okay." I said smiling at him back. " Where are you going to take me. i said putting my keys into his hands.

"Its a surprise, but i promise it will be fun." i gave him a nervous look and he chuckled, we got out and switched seats i buckled my own seat-belt and closed my eyes, i actually trusted Brayden Brooks.

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