the perfect valentine's day

dont you hat when your date on valentine's day is late well me to.


1. he's late, for a very important date!


You know that awkward feeling when you are sitting at a restaurant ALL alone waiting for your date and your waitress is being a nosy bitch and I trying to take the place setting away? Well that's my situation my boyfriend Niall is late on VALENTINES DAY! It's the first day that I have seen him in a few months since he has been on your and the day he gets back... He's late. He bursts in the door with two-dozen red roses in hand. His perfectly dirty blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes make me swoon every time I see him. The thing about Niall is that he is a bit of a cheese ball. He likes cheesy romance; the whole lady and the tramp pasta kiss thing, watching horror movies just to cuddle up with me. He is just cute enough so I can stand it.  "Hey baby" he greets me with his lips against mine. I love the taste if his lips. "Hey Niall, the day that u come back you ate late!" I tease him slightly and I can see that he is trying to hide his face with his menu.  "You do know that I'm kidding, right?

"Sometimes it's hard to tell." he replies and kisses me once again.

"Well you know it's so good to see you after three months and I say that we make up for lost time" I wink twice and raise my eyebrows to tease him.

"Check!" he yells to our bitch waitress and as soon as he signs the check we dash for our apartment. When we get there clothes fly off and soon we are on our bed creating the prefect valentines day for us. Some may say that this is a typical couple's V-day but after the sex part is the most fun for us!  We stay up all night playing all sorts of board games, and we just make up our own rules. We sit there naked, and laughing till we cry, just being ourselves on the most romantic day of the year. We are playing clue, and I have won! I go to the little pouch to see which killed them, in what room, and with what murder weapon. When I open the pouch out plops onto my lap a gorgeous engagement ring, with so many sparkles it lit up the room.

"You complete me, and I don’t have to say that twice. But I would love it if I could spend the rest of my life waking up next to you, having many gorgeous children with you, and growing old baggy and gray together, so miss Taylor Anne would you do me the honor of becoming my lawfully wedded wife?"

"YES I WILL" I am so hapyy right now! he brings me into an amazing kiss and we make the last moments of the most romantic day of the year last for as long as we can.


it is my wedding day and i'm in my perfect dress and my hair and makeup is done to prefection! it is a half hour away until i get married. as i put the finishing touches on my outfit my father comes up the stairs and says

"its time baby girl" as we drive down the road to the church i get butterflies and can't wait to see him.... my Niall. we get out of the limo and stop in front of the church. i walk up to the church steps and as the doors open for me to walk in i see him. smiling like the chesire cat. he starts to tear up, and as i walk towards my future husband i can see what our future lives will be like.... this is the best valentines day EVER!


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