One Tweet One Dream

One day Roshel and her best friend were scrolling through twitter when they see a tweet by @real_liam_payne saying hey there directioners our band is having the biggest contest yet here it is if you think you have an amazing voice send us a video and we will pick one winner to be in our band for a whole year good luck!


5. Turning Upside Down

A/N hey everyone sorry for the short chapter I'm a pretty busy gurl but anyways if u have and ideas or suggestions that would b great thx for reading loves sooo here's a very special chapter just 4 luv yew!!!   -Roshel xx

Tara's POV

"What just happened!!" Roshel says. "I'll tell you what just happened your popular Roshel" "What" she says "Me popular how" "You stood up you Mrs. Holland that's how and you just got asked to go hang out by one of the hottest guys in school" I say as we walk to her house. " "Wow is all I can say" she says unlocking the door. "I can't believe tomorrow their announcing the winner" Roshel says. I can't believe she thinks we could actually win I mean out of a million girls she's crazy I would love to win but it ain't happening. Even though I think this I'm still going to spend the night with her just to see who wins at six am I mean whoever wins this is going to be really famous going on tour with the worlds biggest boy band. This girl is going to have video diaries with them make songs with them eat with them live with them change with them shop with them and if she's lucky have one of them as her boyfriends, ever girls dream is to win this..... "Ok so I have drinks, 1D movie, pizza, pgs, candy, and most important our phones." Roshels says checking her list on her phone. "Ok Roshel you got to keep an eye out on Louis', Harry's, and Niall's twitter and I'll do Zayn's and Liam's "Ok" she says turning on the movie. even though we have school tomorrow her mom said it was fine then she told us how she and her best friend did the same thing it was really wired anyways I'm so excited.




Roshel's POV

'yawn' 'getting up looking at clock' '5:55' "OHHHH MYYYYYY FFRAPINNNGGG CARRROTTTT!!!!!!!!!" I say jumping up screaming. "TARA TARA GET UPPPP NOWW!!!!!" "WHAT THE ORANGES IS GOING ON!!!!!" "It's Wednesday 5:55 AM" I say giving her a death glare. We both simultaneously reach for our phones. "Nope not Louis" "Not Liam or Zayn" "No Niall" "Then that leaves" 'we both look at our phones' 'GASPPP'


Louis' POV

"Hurry up" I say dragging Harry around the room. "Louis what are you doing" Liam asks.  "It's almost time to announce the winner and he's fooling around." I say " Ya Harry you should probley go ahead and do it there's on like five more minutes left." Zayn says. "Fine I guess" '@Harry_Styles Hey there everyone thanks again for everything we love the support but here's the winner that will be spending a year with us and.....

A/N Haha sorry for that cliff hanging ending but ya I'll try to update asap thanks loves!!!!!




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