One Tweet One Dream

One day Roshel and her best friend were scrolling through twitter when they see a tweet by @real_liam_payne saying hey there directioners our band is having the biggest contest yet here it is if you think you have an amazing voice send us a video and we will pick one winner to be in our band for a whole year good luck!


3. This Week


Hey guys sorry I haven't updated in a while I had a school play all last week but I'm here to write now so hope yawl enjoy. and btw I changed title to one tweet one dream.

Roshel's POV

As Tara and I make our way into school we see another one of our friends Katherine but we all call her Kat. "Hey Kat, how have you been" Tara says. Fine I guess, have you heard there's this annoying one direction contest going on and almost every girl I know is freaking out about it and if..." I interrupt, "Ya I Know right isn't it amazayn one of us could actually be in one direction for a whole year." "Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait you guys actually signed up for that I mean I know your fans and all but not that big of fans lets be serious leave everything here for a whole year just to tour with a stupid British boy band c'mon guys you must be kidding." "What, I gasp saying, they are not just some stupid British boy band they are an Irish and British awesome boy band and for your information they saved our lives." RING!!!! "Well we must be going sorry about that guys, I guess it just gets a little to much annoying sometimes" Kat says apologizing. "It's  fine I guess we're just a little crazed." Tara says. "A little?" Kat asks again. hahahhaha we all laugh walking into Science  Ah 0h how I love Science, I want to be a doctor some day if my singing career doesn't take off. Then I here my phone vibrate. And yes if your all wondering I do sometimes text during class anyways it was a tweet. @Louis_Tomlinson Hey there everybody we have another announcement to make we are announcing are winner earlier than scheduled we will tweet the winner on Wednesday at 6AM from one of us five so keep a look out and thanks for everything. As I finish reading it I look up and see an angry teacher giving me a death glare "Ms. Marie" she says.

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