One Tweet One Dream

One day Roshel and her best friend were scrolling through twitter when they see a tweet by @real_liam_payne saying hey there directioners our band is having the biggest contest yet here it is if you think you have an amazing voice send us a video and we will pick one winner to be in our band for a whole year good luck!


2. One Long Week

Louis' POV


"Hey guys come over here." I yelled. "WHAT WHAT!!! " they say running and pushing each other over. "Woah slow down, management called." Uggg what is it this time?" Zayn groaned. "They said we have to pick a winner by the end of the week." It was Monday so we didn't have much time, I mean we have to pick a person to be with us for a whole year that's a huge decision. As the boys and I were looking at all the videos I saw this one amazing girl with a beautiful voice like no other. She was amazing. I had broken up with El like six months ago so I'm pretty much over her. I then called the boys over here to see her. "Guys come look at this girl her name is Roshel." they all rushed over. "What Louis." Liam asked confused. "This girl, what about her."  I ask.  I get a bunch of mmms and ummms from the boys. Harry finally breaks the silence and says '"I like her ." "Ummm we'll see, remember there's like a million more." Liam says. He had a point but something about her just made my heart glow. 


Harry's POV

As I was scrolling through the videos Louis called us over. He showed us this the most amazing girl ever. I just wanted to scream she's mine and claim her as mine forever and ever. I kept looking through videos I also saw another gorgeous girl her name was Tara. Ahhhhh so many girls it's to much to handle!! Then we had a 1D meeting we had to tweet this "hey everyone thanks for all your entries we will be posting the winner at the end of the week thanks again." Then we went to go eat at Nandos to discuss this new band mate business. We ate so much as usual. But we finally made our decision.


Tara's POV

It was Tuesday and I always meet roshel at her house before school. I hadn't seen any news on twitter yet but roshel said she would keep me posted. As I was reaching to ring the door bell the door flung open. "TARA TARA TARA!!!!!" "WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!!!" Look what Harry Styles tweeted "hey everyone thanks for all your entries we will be posting the winner at the end of the week thanks again." "OMG ya I know we have to wait almost a whole week to find out it's going to drive me crazy." I she says. "Ya I know right."I say. "This is going to be one long week."




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