One Tweet One Dream

One day Roshel and her best friend were scrolling through twitter when they see a tweet by @real_liam_payne saying hey there directioners our band is having the biggest contest yet here it is if you think you have an amazing voice send us a video and we will pick one winner to be in our band for a whole year good luck!


4. Kill Me

Roshel's POV

"Ms. Marie" I then look up, crap I'm dead "May I ask why you are on your phone in my class." "I was bored." I said with a smirk on my face, I was never really a bad girl but I was really fed up with school I mean seriously who wants to wake up at five in the morning and go sit in a classroom for eight hours straight, not me!  "Well missy you just earned you a week of detention." she says handing me a slip with a grin on her face . RING RING "thanks." I say getting up with a angered smirk plastered on my face. "What was that." Tara asked, trying to catch up with me. "Honestly I actually don't know, but all I know is that it felt good."  Then something strange happened, a tall blonde boy walks up to me and says "Roshel what you did to Mrs. Holland back there was awesome." "Yay it was amazing." a brunette said. "Well thanks." I respond shockingly. "We should hang out some time, see you later." "Bye." Tara and I both simultaneously say waving our hands. "Wow, what just happened" I say.  

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