One Tweet One Dream

One day Roshel and her best friend were scrolling through twitter when they see a tweet by @real_liam_payne saying hey there directioners our band is having the biggest contest yet here it is if you think you have an amazing voice send us a video and we will pick one winner to be in our band for a whole year good luck!


1. the tweet

Roshel's POV


 "Lets go on twitter." my friend Tara says. "ok." I reply. We jump on the bed scrolling through twitter when we see a tweet by Liam Payne from one direction saying "Hey there Directioners our band is doing the biggest contest yet if you think you have an amazing voice send us a video and we will pick one person to join our band for a whole year good luck!" "Oh My Gosh!! We have to do it!!!!" I scream. "ok ok calm down." Tara says as she starts to set up our camera. I decide to sing torn, because that was my fav song that one direction sang when they were on the X Factor. Tara decides to sing truly madly deeply. Then there I go singing my heart out for this contest I was told I was a good singer but I never sang in public except in my school choir. I kept replaying my video finding things I could fix or change redoing it like five times. Then Tara went she was amazing I thought I couldn't stand a chance against her, but I guess we'll find out. She did the same after she was done, fixing it making little tweaks here and there. Then we did it we sent it out for The One Direction to see. I was so nervous I was shaking. There was already 4.5 million videos sent out we didn't stand a chance. After that Tara and I had a Toy Story Marathon we watched all three we made like five bowls of popcorn and put three bags of m&ms in there. It was delicious. But when we got to the last movie at the last part I cried, for some reason I always cry when I see it. Then we go up stairs and we were all alone because my parents went out and I was an only child so we had the whole house to ourselves sooo..... we blasted One Direction so loud the floor was vibrating, and we sang every single lyric. Then my phone vibrated it was a tweet.



  A/N Heyy everyone Roshel here this is my first movella let me know what you think I will repost as often as I can love you guys!!








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