Not Your Average Story

I honestly wish I had some fancy tale to tell, about how I hit it off so well with One Direction at that concert.
But, I didn't, actually they kinda maybe, I wouldn't say disliked, but hated me.
It was the opposite of what I wanted to happen, but, some people aren't meant to be.


1. Prologue


It's not hard, being a directioner, it's actually fun.

I get to watch the boys grow up in front of my eyes.

I stared down my poster of Louis Tomlinson, I did this most everyday, so it wasn't hard to believe it was happening again.

Little Things was playing in the background as my little sister, Rachel hummed along quietly.

I had to share a room with her, and I could keep her quiet and out of my stuff only by playing this song for about 5 or so hours.

"What are you doing?" She asks me.

I get startled and whip around to face her, on my side of the room.

"Nothing, just checking for dust on my poster." I say, standing up and pretending to brush something off my lap.

"Oh, well it must take you along time to do that."She says.

I grab my phone and quickly text my best friend, Sam.

Me: Hey Sammy, why is Rachel so annoying?

Sam: Idk but i'm studying for a big test, leave me alone

Me: Sorry


I return to my sister, who now is munching on some chips. 

"What? They taste awesome." Rachel says as I stare her down.

"Yeah, to you they do, but not to my broom" I say.

"What? Are we in Narnia again? Like we were years ago?" Rachel asks.

I giggle.

"You mean Harry Potter." I laugh.

Rachel smiles, almost as if she's loves her big sister, then again, that's like impossible.

Everybody knows that sister's aren't friends, unless they are twins, because then they are expected to be, they also are expected to do everything together.

Including share a room, which sister's who are four years apart shouldn't have to do.

"Girls! Lunch is ready." Mum yells up the stairs. I run out of my room and have Rachel following close on my tail as she trips halfway down the stairs.

"Girl's your father and I have some news." Mom says, sitting us down at the table.

Oh, this should be great 

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