Witches only have one enemy.


This is a small story I wrote about witches hiding in an underground world. They are hiding from their only enemy who is out to destroy them because the witches have something that will kill all vampires.


3. Natalia

Patrolling the streets is a really fun job as Isabella hardly ever let's us out of the secret hideout. I like to patrol the streets as I miss the sunshine, I miss the nature. I miss being free. I miss life how it used to be.

Sophia walked to the end of the road, to check round the corner for anything unusual.
"Anything?" I asked.
"Just some homeless guy asleep," she replied.
I ran up to meet her. We carried on walking to check that nothing unusual was happening in the park.

The park was absolutely stunning at this time of the year. The flowers on the trees were blossoming. Birds sang high up in the trees, way out of sight. Butterflies fluttered from flower to flower. The atmosphere was amazing. There was life everywhere. Sadly, we hardly ever got to experience any of it.

In the middle of the park was a little girl. All on her own. I slowly approached the girl who was quietly crying.
"Hello, my name is Natalia," I said kindly, " May you tell me yours?"
"Olivia. My names Olivia," the little girl replied after drying her eyes.
"Where's your mummy Olivia?" I asked.
"I don't know, I was dropped of here. They said that the girls would find me," Olivia answered.
"I guess that the girls," I paused and smiled, "Have found you!"
"Come on, we'll take you to your new home," Sophia cheerfully added.

All of us walked back to the old warehouse, which held the entrance to the hideout, chatting away.

Once we got safely inside, we took Olivia to meet Isabella. Everybody stared at us as we walked past because we have found a new girl. This means that the fighting and hiding isn't going to end for ages.

We introduced Olivia to Isabella, then left them to get to know each other.
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