Witches only have one enemy.


This is a small story I wrote about witches hiding in an underground world. They are hiding from their only enemy who is out to destroy them because the witches have something that will kill all vampires.


4. Isabella (to be continued)

Olivia was a lovely girl. She told me all about her family. Her parents had to go into hiding and so they decided that the safest place for her was with us.

It was starting to get late, so I took Olivia to her room, introduced her to all her new friends, then left her to settle in.

All of a sudden, the alarms started going off. All the girls got onto their posts, all around our secret underground hideout, ready to fight whatever is coming for them. The youngest, mainly ages 4 to 6, were led to the lowest part of the hideout. It was designed well, so no enemy or intruder could possibly find the room at the end, already set up, full of supplies including food, water and bedding.
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