Witches only have one enemy.


This is a small story I wrote about witches hiding in an underground world. They are hiding from their only enemy who is out to destroy them because the witches have something that will kill all vampires.


2. Isabella (the names of the chapters are the speakers)

My name is Isabella. I am a normal 15 year old girl. Well, not exactly normal but the rest is correct. My hair is like my mothers, as dark as chocolate and as soft as silk. My mother used to say that my eyes were like the colour of the ocean and glimmer like stars, shining from the sky at midnight. I am not a girl for fashion, but I do like to dress up once in a while. I like wearing red skinny jeans with tops that are covered in writing.

Did I say I was an orphan?

Thought not. Well there's me and these girls who are living under the ground, hiding from something hideous, waiting to explode...

Today is another one if those days, trapped, with nowhere to go. There were girls wondering around the place with nothing to do but hope. Hope that everything will be over soon, hope that we still have homes to go to when all the chaos has ended, hope that our families are still alive, somewhere safe. Hope.

It's Natalia's turn to be patrolling the streets with Sophia. Natalia's 14 years old. Her hair is golden blonde, which looks very attractive when it sways in the breeze. She usually wears black jeans to hide any blood stains. She's carrying around the usual weapon you would need to survive whilst patrolling the streets. A gun. Just a gun.

On the other hand, Sophia is absolutely nothing like Natalia. Her hair is as black as twilight and shines in the sun. It is cut onto the most adorable bob. She likes to dress up in the most beautiful dresses covered in flowers and butterflies.

They both answer to me, as I'm kind of their boss. Their leader. This is because I am the oldest girl in our coven of girls. That also means that I lead everybody else, which is quite a hard job, considering that the age range is from 3 to 15.
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