A Ruin Of Memories

Two girls board a plane to England, but the last thing they expect is what happens to them as they meet their dream band. What will happen to them?


3. The Landing...


Victoria's P.O.V.


        The rainbow on the ground was absolutely beautiful. It was like magic, but real. From that point on I had a huge smile on my face. I put in my earphones and turned on 1D...

         " WE'RE HERE!" Julia screemed. I had fallen asleep. I was still on the same song as when it started playing on my I-pod. I got up and went out of the plane with Julia. Suprizingly, we were in the same hotel. I hung out with her every single day. We became very good friends, almost insepreble. We decided to go to a One Direction concert together. I was driving. A song from One Direction came on and we were dancing. I didn't see the black Velvo coming around the corner. It was a red light but I was busy dancing to kiss you.


        We crashed into the car. I blacked out.


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