A Ruin Of Memories

Two girls board a plane to England, but the last thing they expect is what happens to them as they meet their dream band. What will happen to them?


4. The Hospital And The Guy...


Julia's P.O.V.


       "AHH!" I screemed. We've crashed. Victoria blacked out and I started to shake her. I fainted from being terified....

        I woke up and I was in a hospital bed. I couldn't see Victoria.

        "Were is she?" I asked.

        "She is being treated in the OR." The doctor anounced. I couldn't see very well. Everything looked very blury. Five doctors walked up to me. Only they wern't doctors. Then I rememberd the fimilier faces of my favorite band. We crashed into their car. My left arm started to hurt so i looked down at it. It had a cast on it. I looked back up and the five guys looked like they were scouling at me. I got really upset and started crying and saying sorry. I felt like a kid trying to get out of being grounded. I was very embaresed but I was still crying. The one with the curly hair, Harry, walked over to me.

        "Why are you crying?" Harry asked me.

        "You looked like you were mad at me." I said, sniffling.

         "We aren't mad at you. We were just curiouse who we crashed into." Harry said in a very kind hearted voice.

        "Oh" I said suprized.

        "Where is the girl who was driving?" Harry asked.

        " Victoria is in the OR"


        "I don't know yet"

        "I'll give you my number. Call if you need me." Harry said. I stoped breathing for a second, trying to keep in my inner fan girl. I finanally recoverd.

        "Sure" I said In a very quick, high voice. I lunged over to try to get my purse, but i couldn't reach it. My broken arm was hurting. I layed back down and groand. Harry quickly took a peice of paper and a pen out from his back poket. It already had his number writen on it. I riped a small piece of ans wrote my number on it.

        "Thanks" Harry said. Then he left.




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