A Ruin Of Memories

Two girls board a plane to England, but the last thing they expect is what happens to them as they meet their dream band. What will happen to them?


7. The Best day Of My Life


Julia's P.O.V.


        I fell asleep kissing Harry. It was the best night of my life. No. That wasn't the best night of my life. The night I go do it with Harry will be the best night of my life. I think that day will come sooner then I expect.

*2 hours later*


        Harry texted me and he wants me to come swiming in his pool at 10:00 AM. Of coarse I said Yes. So at 9:30 I got a bathing suit on and did my hair, even though I was going to get it wet, so it looked likea waterfall and I sprayed it with plenty of hair spray. By then it was 9:54 so I rushed to his house. He was already in the pool so I just jumped in. I realized he wasn't wearing any swim shorts. He came up to me and took my top and bottoms off and through them on the side of the pool...

        The best day of my life came.

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