A Ruin Of Memories

Two girls board a plane to England, but the last thing they expect is what happens to them as they meet their dream band. What will happen to them?


8. Getting Out Of Hell


Victoria's P.O.V.


        It was the day I could finally go home. I had to keep the I.V. because it was doctors orders. Julia was supposed to come and pick me up, but she was late.

*30 minutes later*

        Julia arived in front of the hospital and she came to my room to tell the doctors I was coming home with her. When she cam in, her hair was all beshevled.

        " What happened to your hair?" I asked, concered. " Did you get into a car crash like me?" We both chukled.

        "No. I went swimming with Harry and put to much hair spray in. Right now he is trying to get it out of his pool." We chuckled again.

        " Well lets go. I'm sick of lieing in this hospital bed all day watching TV." We arived at my house in about 20 minutes. I was so relieved. Then I relized I didn't bring my phone in the car the day we crashed. It was laying on my night stand in my bedroom. I looked at it and saw TONS of texts from Niall. They all asked the same thing. If I wanted to go out with him and if I was out of the Hospital yet and why I wasn't answering his texts. I answed:  Yes I am out of the hospital: I left my phone in my bedroom the day of the crash and... Yes I would love to go out with you.

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