A Ruin Of Memories

Two girls board a plane to England, but the last thing they expect is what happens to them as they meet their dream band. What will happen to them?


12. Caves Aren't My Thing...


Julia's P.O.V.


        I got on my feet and looked around. There was a mountain in the middle of the island. Victoria and Eve got up and looked at me.

        "C'mon. Lets see if we can spot the shore from up there." I suggested. I looked back at them. They both looked exausted. But when I turned around to start making my way through the thicked of trees, I heard foot steps behind me. We came to an opening where there was a river. I jumped across. Eve followed close behind. Victoria stoped short of jumping. She is usually really cautious about everything she does.

        "What ya waitn' for! C'mon and jump over." Eve yelled across the river.

        "I don't think I can. It's a pretty far jump." She started to pace, lost in thought. "I am going to find another way around." She started to walk twards the water, as if she was looking to find stones to jump across to the other side. Then I hear a loud shreek as I watch Victoria disapear into the rock. I jumped back across the river to see where she went. There was a small opening in  the rock, just big enough to slide down.

        "Are you ok?!" I yelled down, I didn't know how far the cave went down.

        "Yeah, I just hurt my ankle a bit." she responded.

        "I'm going down there to see if she is alright." Eve also disapeard down the hole. I went down after her. It was a very steep drop down with a little slope at the bottom, which opened up to a large cave, that looked like a room.

        "You were supposed to stay up there. And throw down a rope or something." Eve said, sort of pissed off.

        "Well how was I supposed to know that, and where would I get a rope anyway?" I responded, with a little sas.

        "Well I guess we're just stuck down here until

we can find a way out." Eve suggested. I started to look around, and found stairs made out of the same stone in the cave...


















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