best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


6. What did I Do


Austins POV 

"You what??" Lauren said looking confused.


I said and walked out. Luckily nobody else was in there and I was able to erase that picture of Makenna and her dad before anybody got it. I rushed to 1st period and just sat there ignoring the teacher. I was just thinking about what I just said do I really love Makenna? Why did I say that? It just doesn't make since. I was so confused."Mr. Mahone can you please answer the question on the board?" I got interrupted by my teacher and answered the question correct some how. The whole day I was going over that moment over and over and over again.

Makenna's POV

 I was walking to the bus I turned and saw Austin almost hit his head on a locker. Something was up with him. But I could honestly care less. I realized we both rode the same bus and I really didn't want to see him. So what could a walk hurt?I started walking down the rode I was on Facebook and listening to music. About 30 min. Later I looked around to see I was lost. Fucking Facebook such a distraction. I looked around and the only thing im site was a some bar. I walked inside and tryes calling my mom and dad, since I had no signal. I looked around to see a couple guys telling me to come over. I just ignored getting freaked out. Since nobody answered I left figuring I couldn't be to far . I started walking but realized those guys were following me..

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