best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


28. the search


Austins POV

Makenna just walked out to get her phone. I started thinking how madly in love with her I was.

About 10 minutes later she still had not shown up. I decided to take a walk down to check on her. I walked down the stone path confused at what I was seeing.

It was Harry he had a bloody nose and was crying laying down, as soon as I walked by a car went taking off in the corner of my eye. 

"Harry what the hell is going on?"

"She.. she. Shes gone, he took her. The man.. Th-" He interrupted.

"What?! What are you talking about Harry, is this a joke, why didn't you save her?!" I yelled.

"Austin man I tried he was armed I tried to get her but he knocked me in the face with the gun."

"Call the guys to come down here, call the police and tell them everything that happened, Im going to look."

I said with furry.

I grabbed the keys off the ground and ran off to the car, NOBODY will hurt my family. Nobody.

Makenna's POV

The last thing I remembered was the sound of Harry's voice screaming for help. Right now I was in the back of some car, I figured it would be better to stay silent because it wasn't like I could get out anyway. 

About 2 minutes later the moving car stopped. I tried to sit up and get a glimpse of where I was but all I saw was a old wooden looking house with a red door. Thats all I could see because I got dragged out of the car and slung over the mans shoulder. As we were walking down the stairs I noticed a little girl 10 maybe just looking at me. 

The man drug me downstairs to the basement and threw me on the cold hard ground. 


He got closer to me and I spit in his face he slapped me right across the face.

"Nobody gonna find you out here so there's no point in yelling, your ares now."

The little girl just looked at me with helpless eyes.

"Meet your new mommy, Chelsie." I spoke winking at me.

Austins POV

*1 week later*

I have spent every waken hour looking for Makenna, I was running off about 3 hours of sleep, the guys flew home but they said the would be back. My mom and Dave flew down, and Makenna's assistant was taking care of things at home.

They police weren't helping worth shit, so I was basically on my own.

I stopped at McDonald and got a coffee when suddenly my phone went off,

"Hello Austing here."

"AUSTIN, Austin help me please help me!"


"What the what the fuck are you doing up here you slut? *CRUSH*

End of call

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