best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


24. the plans


Makenna's POV

It was about mid afternoon of that day. Dave had been at are house all day to make sure everything was okay. Its really not like I was scared of my dad, I was more scared of him doing something stupid to the point where I would loose my baby. I couldn't let that happen. 

Austin almost seemed more worried than I was, He installed an alarm, Made the fence top electric, But I loved him so much for caring.

Austin had to drive Dave home and stop by the gym on his way back, I was a little scared but then I remembered I was pretty secure.

Austins POV

I had felt bad leaving Makenna there alone, but she refused to come with. 

While this was going on I had been asked by my new friends One Direction to come join them in the Bahamas for a week, I had figured that would be the perfect get away for me and Makenna, I would tell her more about it later. After I had dropped Makenna off I was headed to the gym, trying to hurry I was thinking about the baby and how much fun it would be being a dad. 

I decided to call Makenna to make sure everything was okay-

"Hey babe is everything okay?"

"Absolutely wonderful! Have fun, and hurry home!"

"Love you boo, Bye!"

"Love you too."

We hung up and I walked inside to an empty gym, I have my own little work out room, But to see a note on my mirror.

Now would be a good time to call your hunny ;)


Makenna's POV

I had hung up the phone with a smile on my face because I loved when you called me his boo.

I looked outside to see no car in sight, Sat on my bed to hear,


I didn't turn the alarm on...

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