best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


30. the little girl


Austins POV

I had finally found that street. I was going down it for the second time because I couldn't seem to find a dirt road. I had turned up the radio to see if I would here anything else, but instead I heard my own song which was pretty funny.

*10 Minutes Later*

I went down one last time and had finally realized that the only dirt road there was, was blocked off by a sign saying,

Private Residence, Road Closed

I was definitely going to check this out but I was gonna go back and get Dave first.


We had both made it back within 20 minutes, he go out and pushed the gate open and got back in. We drove down the old dirt road, and reached an old looking house with a red door. 

The door was open so we helped are self in.

"HELLO ANYBODY HOME?" Dave yelled.

There was no answer so we creeped around the corner to find a blood trail and we followed it. It led us to an open door leading to the basement. At the end of the stairs was a little girl. Me and Dave gasped and ran to the bottom of the stairs afraid of what else to find. 

Looking around you could tell somebody had been staying down here, here was a blanket in the corner, handcuffs, a broken glass and a plate that had leftover crumbs on it. 

I immediately called 911 and when they got here we explained everything, but looking around on a wall I found a small note,

Austin I know you will find me, somehow, he talked about heading to East point. He-

I couldn't make out the rest of the note because it was all scribble, I ran to the car with Dave and we drove.

Makenna's POV

The next thing I know this precious little girl is thrown down the stairs and just laying there, I really couldn't tell if she was dead or not, But what sounded like 2 men upstairs when to the 3rd level of the house and the man threw me in the corner and told me to wait, he walked to the other side of the basement and while he was there I decided to write a note on the wall, I knew somehow Austin would manage to find me. 

The man (still dont know his name) was on the phone whispering about something, all I heard was 

".. Were going to East Point.."

He scooped me up and snuck me off to the car,

"Why the hell should I go with you" I asked.

"Because if you dont they will kill you in a worse way then I would." He whispered.

He threw me in the trunk and took off.

*20 minutes later*

We had come to a stop at what I think was a gas station because of the smell. He got out, and I waited a second but then kicked the back seat down, trying to get out some man saw me and looked at the man that took me and hit him. 

You would never believe what happened.

The man that captured me threw oil all over the guy and threw a lighter at him. 

I screamed as loud as I could and fought to get out, but from behind the man grabbed my legs.


I have a 3 parts coming up.

I cant tell you what they are because it will ruin it(; But if you wanna be in it message me on facebook at



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