best friends or more

makenna and austin have been best friends forever but when austin becomes popular things start to change


31. the gas station


Austins POV

We had been sitting in traffic for about an hour now. A road was closed due to come fire, which was kind of suspicious. 

*20 minutes later*

We had now pulled out of the road and past what looked to be the burnt down gas station. Driving by I saw something that looked a little familiar.

I pulled over to the side of the road and ran across the street to the gas station. 

"Austin what are you doing?" Dave asked.

I ignored, And kept walking.

I leaned down to find the little blue slipper that that Alyssa had worn the night and a small phone. It didnt seem like the police had seen it so I just took it and got back into the car and pulled away.

"Austin, uh what do you think your doing? You could get in some serious trouble for takeing that off the scene, I-"

"Dave just shush for a minute. We could figure this out." I spoke. 

I had ridden in the car for about 15 minutes when that phone started ringing-

"Sam what the hell is going on? Your daughter now the gas station? Explain to me why you even took this girl in the first place..? ... Fine dont answer you can explain to me tonight, remember Razz hotel, tie the girl up and meet me in the bar area at 6:30, Okay? See you soon."

*End Of Call*

Me and Dave were VERY confused on what was going on, but we looked up the hotel and drove there.

Makenna's POV

I woke up to the sound of the engine turning off. I had no memory of what had happened after he got a hold of me.

He opened the door and pulled me out we were at some sort of a hotel, a very big hotel.

"Smitty take her straight to the room, use the stair case, dont let anybody see her, Ill be up in a minute."

I decided there was no use in trying to escape so I followed along making it to the room.

I sat on the bed, and waited, wondering where and what Austin was doing right now.

The door opened.

"Okay Smitty help me tie her up, we have things to do."

They tied me up, very tight and walked out. I looked over at the clock realizing it was already 6:15.

Was I ever getting out of here?

*20 minutes later*

I had fallen asleep but woke up to the sound of rustling at the door. I got kinda scared, but the door crept open revealing the best face I have seen in a long time. 

Austins POV

We had made it to the hotel at around 6:25, me and Dave had a game plan, Dave was going to find the guys, and I was going to find Makenna.

At about 100 autographs later I had manged to convince them to give me the room number. I had finally made it over there and made my way through the door revealing Makenna's beautiful yet hopeless face. I went over to her and tore the tape across her lips and kissed her, I began to untie her when suddenly the door began to open.

"Dude, I dont know what were going to do with her."

I looked at Makenna's scared, but ran and got under the bed.

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